Residential Landscape Design Services in Bergen County, NJ

Curb appeal is just as important to the look of your Bergen County home as interior design, but how do you know who is the best choice when it comes to residential landscape design in NJ?

Whether you are looking to redo your entire landscape or hoping to improve certain aspects of your curb appeal, finding the right design firm for your budget is essential.

Hiring a Professional Residential Landscape Design Company

When it comes to hiring a residential landscape design company, always look for one that is trained in the principles of horticulture or garden design. These professionals are not only skilled at creating beautiful garden and outdoor spaces, but can also help you choose the right trees, flowers and other greenery for the northern New Jersey area. Nothing is worse than designing an outdoor oasis that isn’t ideal for your geographic area.

Professionals in residential landscape design in New Jersey should be skilled in:

  • Creating a design that incorporates the fundamentals of landscape design, from proportion to color and texture.

  • Plant knowledge and can ensure you choose the right plan for the right area of your garden.

  • Planning and communication with local contractors, vendors and government agencies so your project is completed successfully and according to the laws of the Bergen and Passaic Counties.

  • Creating sustainable environments that incorporate the nature of the area.

  • Meeting and exceeding the needs and wants of their clients.

A Shared Vision

If you already have an idea of the type of landscape you want to create for your Bergen County home, it is essential to find a landscaper who shares your vision and can help it come to life. If you know you want to create a feeling or look, but aren’t sure what exactly that might involve, you also want to choose a designer who can help you create a vision that will improve the curb appeal of your home. Before any work begins ask for an estimate or bid that incorporates all services that will be performed.

Some of the best ways to choose a designer is too ask friends and family for recommendations, especially if you like the landscape of their home. You can also ask a local business whose landscape you find appealing. Once you have some recommendations for residential landscape design in NJ, be sure to research their website to see some of their work and to make sure they are members of local and national landscape design associations.

What Should I Ask a Residential Landscape Designer?

Besides knowing how much the landscape design will cost, there are some other helpful questions to ask prospective landscapers:

  • How long will the process take to complete?

  • How much maintenance will be required to keep the landscape looking good all year long?

  • Do you have references or clients I can speak to about your work?

  • Will you be personally working on my job or just overseeing it? Can I meet the people who will be working on my home?

  • What permits do we need to have to complete this project?

  • What type of plants and flowers do you recommend for my home and why?

  • Can you work within my set budget?

By doing some basic upfront research and asking the right questions, you can ensure that your urban oasis and curb appeal turn out to be a dream and not a nightmare.