Want to Scare Deer Away? Tips for Deer Control the Natural Way

How to work with your landscaping company to scare deer away from your property 

scare deer away

Deer are lovely animals with great taste in flowers. They like the same flowers you do, but the problem is that they show their appreciation by eating them. Natural browsers, deer can quickly wreak havoc on your carefully tended gardens. But never fear! There are natural tactics you can use to scare deer away.

Deer are wary of things they are unfamiliar with. Talk to your garden design and landscaping company about using planters, fountains, or lighting to beautify your landscape while helping to keep the deer away. Or consider the other natural deer control methods we discuss below!

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Scare deer away the natural way

You don’t have to rely on synthetic chemical solutions or unsightly motion-activated deterrents to stop deer from turning your landscaping into a buffet. You can actually use beautiful and intentional landscape design to help you with deer control. 

1. Choose smells that deter deer

You can plant strong-smelling perennials and herbs to mask the scent of deer’s favorite plants to chomp. You will enjoy the delicate scents of fresh mint, lavender, rosemary, sage, garlic, or chives but they create an aroma that deer hate. Likewise, many flowers that give off a strong scent, like peonies, overwhelm a deer’s nose. Talk to your garden designer about planting deer deterrent scents throughout your garden.

2. Keep your favorites close to home

Work with your landscape designer to make sure you plant favorite flowers and plants close to the house, especially if they’re a type known to be favored by deer. With your favorite plants nearby, you can better enjoy their beauty. 

Deer generally are shy and fear people so they won’t come as near to your home. Your favorite plants will be safer close by under your eye. And if particularly brave deer do come near, you will be more likely to see them and scare them off. 

3. Create a barrier

Deer prefer tender shoots and leaves. You can stop deer from getting to the softer plants with a barrier of thorny, prickly, or fuzzy-textured plants deer dislike, like lambs ear. They are appealing looking and will add texture to your landscaping while scaring deer away from other, more vulnerable plants.

Likewise, you might consider thorny hedges. Using hedges around the borders of your yard or garden can keep deer away because they can’t see through them. What’s out of sight is out of mind for the deer.

Intentional landscaping is key

Intentional landscaping really can be key for mitigating your deer problem, or better yet, stopping it before you have a problem at all. Deer tend to return to where they’ve found good food in the past, so work with your garden designer to create an unwelcome terrain for them from the start. Deer don’t climb well, so using levels in your landscape design, like terraces or sunken gardens, can keep them from even attempting to reach your plants. 

Plus, there are many ways to keep deer away using the right plants, or creating a frightening environment for them with features like planters, fountains, lights, or more.

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We’ll help you create a beautiful landscape that will bring you joy while keeping the deer away. 


Photo by Robert Woeger on Unsplash