The Best Seasonal Decorating Services in Bergen County, NJ

seasonal decorating services Bergen County NJWhen most people think of vibrant colors and impressive plant displays usually spring and summer come to mind. The fall in northern New Jersey can be just as interesting and colorful as the warmer seasons though.

By adding containers and refreshing landscape beds, your Bergen County yard can take on a new life long after summer’s beauty has faded.

Choosing a Great Seasonal Decorating Company

When looking for seasonal decorating services in Bergen County, NJ it’s wise to choose a company that has a proven track record. For all of northern New Jersey that firm would be Borst Landscape & Design. Our award-winning experts are widely viewed as the premiere landscape and design company in the area.

Borst can design, install and maintain your fall landscape in northern NJ with an infusion of rich colors and textures perfect for the season. Their team will provide the right mix of plants and garden objects to showcase your landscape and match the overall decor of your home and yard.

Utilizing common and unusual plant material, your landscape will become a truly vibrant area that will bring out the true character of the fall season, and your home. Your landscape needs to change with the seasons and the Borst Landscape & Design experts will make that happen.

Some Great Fall Garden Ideas

When thinking of seasonal decorating services, there are many things that need to be planned. Of course, the decorating service will help you out with your project. Following are a few ideas to get you started thinking on what you want your fall landscape to look like:

  • You will probably want to stick with most of the traditional fall colors for your main theme. Those generally include oranges, yellows, golds and browns. But try to incorporate some flashier shades of the more common colors, such as lobster red and peacock blue, into your scheme. Don’t just stick with the traditional. Throw some new shades on the color palette.
  • When it comes to plants you are going to be constrained by the climate to a certain extent. By utilizing common fall flowers such as chrysanthemums, asters, spider lilies, goldenrod and certain sunflowers, you can push the envelope by growing some plants in containers and moving them to safe locations when cold weather comes along.
  • Incorporate more than just plants into your landscape theme. During this time of year, pumpkins are a great idea to implement. There are all sorts of interesting objects and structures you can weave into your overall landscape theme.

Just Do It, with Good Help

The depth and scope of a new fall landscape is generally too much to tackle for most landowners. The time and effort involved with the project just doesn’t lend this to being a do-it-yourself job. Good seasonal decorating services will be needed.

The best company for the job is Borst Landscape & Design. We have Certified Landscape Technicians that lead a team of seasoned and long-tenured employees that will help bring your fall landscape from a nebulous idea to a finished job that showcases your personal style.