The Seasonal Garden Design Company of Bergen County, NJ

seasonal garden design company Bergen County NJSeasons constantly change. It stands to reason that if the seasons show us different looks during the year then the appearance of your landscape should change also.

seasonal garden design company in Bergen County, NJ can help you create an inviting landscape that continues to shine as the landscape changes.

Planning Your Fall Garden Design

Seasonal plantings, in both beds and containers, will add visual interest to your landscape and keep it fresh though the turning of the seasons. Plants you have put in for the spring will have done their job by the time the fall comes around.

Constantly rejuvenating your landscape is the only way to keep your home looking nice. Plan in advance to update your landscape for the fall.

Hiring a Seasonal Garden Design Company in Bergen County

The services of a seasonal garden design company are needed to keep your home shining all year long. The scope of the work is just too big for the ordinary homeowner to tackle on his or her own. Enlisting the help of professionals in northern NJ will help your landscape in continually looking its best.

How to Hire the Best Seasonal Garden Design Company in Bergen County

The choice is an easy one of you are in northern New Jersey. In Bergen and Passaic Counties contact Borst Landscape & Design. Borst features several Certified Landscape Technicians along with many knowledgeable, long-term employees. This team will make your fall yard look as vibrant and colorful as the spring and summer months. The company is regarded as the premier landscape and design company in northern New Jersey.

Your landscape is an extension of your home. You want it to look as good as it can. Don’t take any chances when dealing with a seasonal garden design company. Contact Borst and have the best work with you.

Seasonal Garden Design Services

Borst Landscape & Design will come in and give your fall landscape a comprehensive overhaul. Some of the seasonal display services Borst will provide for your fall landscape are:

  • Remove dead and dying plants from the spring and summer
  • Cut back and prune any perennials that will stay in the garden
  • Update the landscape with plants suitable for the fall by using oranges, browns, reds and other fall hues
  • Make sure plants and containers are taken care of
  • Bring in fall objects, such as pumpkins and gourds, to spruce up the landscape
  • Enhance existing objects, such as statues and garden furniture, with plants and other decorations more suited to the fall season
  • Perform any garden renovations that need to be done- such as splitting perennials
  • Cultivate and do any weeding needed
  • Fertilize all garden beds and yard
  • Implement a program of insect and disease control

Borst Landscape & Design provides a wide range of services for your fall garden. In addition to the services listed above the company will take care of your home using the best of organic and natural practices.

Benefits of a Seasonal Garden Design Company

If it’s time to update your landscape for the fall, call on the best seasonal garden design company around, Borst Landscape & Design. You want your fall landscape to look as great as the summer and spring.

The company will make sure your entire landscaping plan fits with the overall design and style of our home. Make sure you fall landscape looks wonderful.