Seasonal Landscaping Tips

November Seasonal Landscaping Tips

  1. Fall Landscaping Tips
    Image is Courtesy of DewittLandscaping.com

    Clean up excess leaves and create piles in order to compost. Cover your compost so that rain does not flood and leach the nutrients.

  2. Add organic matter to your flower beds to create healthy soil.
  3. If you want a live Christmas tree for December you can plant your own! Dig the hole now, before the ground freezes. Remember to keep the soil covered, so that it too does not freeze and the tree can fit into the hole.
  4. The autumn months are a good time for indoor planting. Make sure the indoor plants are receiving enough water, humidity and air circulation.
  5. Store breakable items like terra-cotta pots before it freezes and cracks. Terra-cotta can be saved in an unheated shed or garage.
  6. Decorate outside or inside with gourd candle holders. Simply cut off the tops and hollow out the center. Place orange, yellow, and brown candles inside.
  7. Warm your home with a harvest garland.Make a garland from died ears of fall cornhusks. Mix colors like ruby red, yellow, and purple by twisting small eye screws into the wide end of each ear. Bend the husks into loops and seal the pointy ends together with hot glue. Finally, string the ears onto twine, alternating with cornhusks as you go. Hang above your door or along your porch.
  8. Create a leafy monogram for your home. Collect bright leaves from your yard and purchase your family name’s first initial from a local crafts store. Use a hot glue gun to glue the dried leaves to the letter.