September Plant of the Month

Iceplant – Putting on a show in late fall!

An exceptional drought tolerant, sun loving perennial ground cover plant, that even though it is small in stature, typically 4-6 inches off the ground, the blooming capacity is wonderful and perpetual running from early spring up until fall frost. It can thrive in the poorest of conditions as long as there is plenty of sun and good soil drainage.

Perfect in a mass planting beside a hot pool patio, driveway or a bare spot that never seems to allow something else to grow; stunning when used on a slope or bank and useful for anchoring soil and avoiding erosion. The flowers are incredible! They are richly colored and the foliage is plump and attractive. It is a good idea to pamper the plants the first year but then just let it go wild! Most varieties are hardy in zones 4-10.

Plant of the Month September

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