Small Front Lawn Ideas That Will Make Your Home Pop!

small front lawn ideas

Bring out your curb appeal with these small front lawn ideas


The front yard says a lot about a house and its owner. It’s the face of your home that guests and passers-by see first, and it should reflect your personality and tastes. A well-maintained, beautifully landscaped yard adds a wow factor to your curb and creates a sense of beauty, welcome, and neighborliness for your community. You don’t need to have tons of acreage to create a stunning outdoor space. A small yard holds a lot of potential. Read more here for small front lawn ideas to make your home pop!

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Show your best face

Curb appeal is important, but so is the sense of personality that your front lawn offers the world. Your front yard should complement the architecture of your home and highlight your tastes. Think proportionally – large plantings can overwhelm your small front lawn – but don’t be afraid to be bold when selecting your plants and design. From ornamental trees to bursts of colorful flowers to hardscape features like walkways and waterfalls, think first about what you most enjoy. Your yard should be an extension of your home, and suit your needs and dreams first of all. 

Small front lawn ideas

You are here to get the ball rolling on imagining the perfect landscape for your small front yard. Here are some beautiful choices to consider: 

  • Walkway – it’s not just about the plants. Choose hardscape elements that complement the facade of your home and add appeal and function, like a winding stone walkway to your front door.
  • Mini Water Feature – a small front yard can still support an attractive, burbling fountain, just on a smaller scale.
  • Flower Beds – an opportunity for color galore! Go bold and bright with swaths of color in your front yard. Consider beds that line your walkway or create borders around the base of your home, fill the corners of your yard, or surround the base of your ornamental trees. 
  • Planters and Boxes – for flowers and ornamental plants, planters and boxes can add texture and levels to your small yard. The material and color of the planters create another hardscape element that can extend the beauty of your home. You can repeat design elements by using more than one, play with scale, or design around one bold feature.
  • Creative Edging – surround garden beds with materials like stone, pavers, or rocks in a compelling pattern. Or use gravel and mulch to create a sense of order and visual impact even in a small space.
  • Mix it Up – never underestimate the impact of mixing color and texture. Just like any successful garden, a small space can pack a punch with the right design. 
  • Seasonal Color – while layers of green can form a backdrop for color all year round, adding seasonal plantings or decoration can create visual appeal that evolves with the seasons. 
  • Well-Maintained Grass – even a small front lawn can have vibrant grass if it’s well-maintained and cared for. 

Like any landscape design project, think first about how you use your space and what you’d most like to get out of it. Then reach out to Borst Landscape & Design with your small front lawn ideas and we can collaborate on making your front yard the calling card for your home. 

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