How Much are Swimming Pool Construction Costs in New Jersey?

Are you thinking about installing a swimming pool on your property? Swimming pools are a great source of fun, exercise and entertainment during the summer months. They even have the potential to increase the value of your home. Right now, you may be wondering how much you will need to invest to add a swimming pool to your home.  Swimming pool construction and installation costs vary greatly depending on several factors so there is no direct answer to this question. Continue reading to explore some of the contributing factors to the price of swimming pool construction and contact Borst Landscape today to get started designing your dream swimming pool at a competitive price.


Generally speaking, the higher the cost of living in your area, the more expensive the construction of your pool will be.  Swimming pool costs will first depend on the building permits in your municipality as well as the amount and location of underground utilities in your yard.  A qualified, licensed and insured swimming pool contractor will help guide you through this process. Your location will also determine how costly construction costs will be because of your soil type and yard topography.  Not long ago, those with yards that weren’t completely flat were not even eligible for swimming pool installation. Now, with modern technology, a sloped yard can still have a swimming pool constructed in it, but the cost of construction will be greater.  Soil type can also influence swimming pool cost. Rocky and hard soil types will require more effort and time to excavate and run up the cost of construction.

Swimming Pool
Size and shape

The most obvious cost factor for swimming pool construction is the size of the pool.  This will most often depend on the size of your yard and what kind of activities you hope to do in your pool.  For example, lap pools are great for exercise but require large amounts of space. Although larger area pools may not add as much cost as you would think, if you want to be able to dive in your pool, consider the cost of the pool depth.  Adding depth means more digging and this increases the cost of construction. If you have small kids, it may be more beneficial to add a shallow wading section.  

Rectangular shaped pools are the most popular and because of this, may be the least expensive option.  However, there are many options for shapes of pools including other geometrical shapes like square or octagonal, or L-shape pools.  Roman, Grecian, Venetian, Bahaman and Bermudan and free-form shapes might raise the cost of installation.  

Swimming Pool

The materials you construct your pool with can affect the swimming pool price.  Remember that the cost is affected by not only the pool materials but the surrounding landscape materials.

Pool: Vinyl pools are very popular and are the least expensive option of pool material and are easy to install. Concrete pools are strong and long-lasting but take a considerable amount of time to construct and dry.  Gunite pools are similar to concrete pools and can be finished with a variety of other materials. Fiberglass pools are pre-fabricated and a factory and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and in one piece.

 Decking: Decking and other landscape materials will also affect the swimming pool construction costs.  Popular materials include concrete, brick, natural stone, tile and various woods.  

Swimming PoolAmenities/Finishes

Amenities to your pool and nice finishes will add to your enjoyment of your pool but will also increase the price.  Some common finishes include: water features, lighting, fencing, diving board, hot tub, heaters and tanning ledges.  

Overall, you have some control over how much your swimming pool will cost but beware of choosing cheaper materials.  The choice of higher quality materials will be more expensive but will also decrease the long-term maintenance costs. Remember that even in the dead of winter, it isn’t the wrong time to think ahead and plan for your new swimming pool.  If you contract for it now, by Independance Day you might be splashing in your own backyard swimming pool! Contact Borst Landscape to design your dream pool at a competitive price today.