Swimming Pool Water Features: Comprehensive Guide

Swimming Pool Water FeaturesWhether you’re planning to add a new in-ground pool to your back yard or you have an existing pool, think about including custom swimming pool water features.

Water features will add interesting details, soothing sounds and unique ambiance to your pool.

There are many great water features to choose from. Whether you add a few low-cost features or more expensive elaborate features, they will add excitement and interest to your pool and your backyard.

Here’s an overview of different swimming pool water features on the market:


Swimming Pool Water Features

There’s nothing like the sound of running water to create a relaxing atmosphere in your Bergen County pool. Whether it’s a small trickle or a gushing wall of water, a swimming pool waterfall will create a great focal point in the pool. The flowing water can act as a pool pump to keep your pool clean while it creates visual effects for a beautiful waterfall.

Pool waterfalls are available in pre-made designs in various types and sizes or can be custom built to fit your specifications and pool requirements. Waterfalls can connect two separate pools, add a touch of nature while masking something very unnatural or make the horizon indistinguishable from the pool itself.

Swimming pool waterfalls certainly are a way for you to add style and design to a pool, adding a focal point in addition to a functional part into your pool. The flow of water can act as a pool pump, keeping water clean and flowing.

Swimming pool waterfalls are available in a variety of pre-made types that add different visual effects:

  • Sheer Descent – Produces a single sheet of water, from eight inches to eight feet, that falls in a vertical descent. They can be adjusted to create a silent sheet of water to a rushing waterfall.
  • Sheer Curtain – Produces a wide curtain of water that falls straight down into the pool. They work well under cantilevers, ledges and swim-out areas.
  • Sheer Rain – Produces streams of water, resembling rainfall, that falls at a 45 degree angle. With strong water pressure, the waterfall will project further out from the wall.
  • Sheer Arc – Produces sheets of water that project upward at a 45 degrees, form a natural arc, then fall back into the pool. These waterfalls can be installed just above the waterline.
  • Rain Arc – Produces streams of water, resembling rainfall, that project upward at 45 degrees, form a natural arc, then fall back into the pool. These waterfalls can be installed just above the waterline.

Rock Waterfalls

Swimming Pool Water Features

Rock waterfalls can be designed and built with genuine rocks or synthetic lightweight materials that look like rocks. They can be placed inside the pool to pump pool water for the waterfall or outside the pool with a separate water source.

Rock waterfalls can be custom made in various widths and heights to fit the size of your pool. Typically rocks are stacked in natural looking positions to a desired height. Water flows from the top rock down the rest of the rocks, then descends into the pool. The water flow can usually be set from a slow trickle to a fast moving waterfall. Fiber optic lighting in clear or colored lights can be added for effects at night. .

Stacked Stone Waterfalls

Stacked stone waterfalls are created using thin layers of stones that are stacked to a desired height. They can be laid to create round, square or rectangular-shaped waterfalls. They can be placed anywhere in the pool or used to connect the pool to a hot tub or jacuzzi area. They create a natural looking waterfall with beautiful effects. Fiber optic lighting in clear or colored lights can be added for effects at night. .


Swimming Pool Water Features

Pool fountains can be designed to fit any style and size swimming pool. Custom fountains can be made in a wide variety of natural materials such as stone, marble and slate or man-made synthetic materials that resemble the real material. Custom fountains can be placed anywhere in the pool, but typically they are placed at an end to avoid swimmers.

Pool fountains come in a variety of pre-made types that add different visual effects:

  • Deck Jets – Produce streaming arcs of water from the deck to the pool or spa. Depending on the degree of the arc, water can fall close to edge or project across the entire pool. They are available with a narrow fan jet spray, precision jet spray and multi-strean jet spray. Deck jets can be adjusted to create arcs up to 7 feet high and 8 feet across.
  • Laminar Jets – Produce illuminated arcs of water from the deck to the pool or spa. They come with a built-in LED 12V light module in nine different color choices or a rotating five color module. The light intensity can be adjusted on both modules.
  • Bubblers – produce small bubbling streams of water that shoot up in a vertical position. They are typically installed on the floor area in decorative pools, ponds, spas and jacuzzis. Since bubblers shoot water straight up, they have to be installed sideways in a swimming pool.
  • Spillways – Spillways are often used to provide gentle running water sounds for effect or function. They can be used to pass water from one area to another, like the spa to the pool. Water passes through a cut-out or small hole slowly.
  • Spouts – Spouts provide a small area for water flow for effect or water sounds. Water pots with spouts can be used for water flow. Terra-cotta pots or stone pots can be used as water pots along a ledge of the pool.


Water slides are popular swimming pool water features that are used primarily for entertainment purposes in the pool. If you have kids, a water slide can provide years of fun for the family at parties and outdoor gatherings. Water slides are available in pre-made models in various styles, shapes, sizes and finishes.

Most pre-made slides are made of fiberglass or some type of resin that will hold up in northern New Jersey weather throughout the year. Slides can also be custom-made to compliment other materials in your swimming pool and yard.

Hot Tubs

Swimming Pool Water Features

Hot Tubs can be made in various sizes. They can be designed as part of a swimming pool plan or installed in a separate area. Hot tubs contain small pools of heated water with adjustable temperature controls. They can be used for relaxation and hydrotherapy. Some hot tubs contain water jets that provide massage. Hot tubs are designed to accommodate three to twelve people at one time comfortably. They are sanitized by built-in filtration systems, similar to that of swimming pools, so there is no need to change the water.


Swimming Pool Water Features

A jacuzzi is similar to a hot tub. The difference is usually the number of water jets that produce currents and bubbles in the water. Jacuzzi is actually a brand name, so technically speaking, it only refers to products manufactured by the Jacuzzi company.