The Importance of Poolscaping

There’s nothing more serene and relaxing than a backyard pool. But there’s more to the experience than just the pool itself; it’s critical to consider the details that go with it – aka poolscaping. This takes not just relaxation, but the aesthetic factor, to a whole new level. And that can add value to your property. Do it wrong, and you’re stuck with an expensive eyesore. Since 1993, Borst Landscape and Design has been helping Bergen County homeowners create a perfectly-executed backyard oasis, both in swimming pool design and installation as well as the critical poolscaping that goes with it.

For instance, fencing around a pool is a legal requirement, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Borst Landscape and Design offers a variety of options that can frame your pool area in a truly elegant way. And let’s not ignore the look of the pool itself: these days, tiling doesn’t always have to be plain old blue. There are many exciting options to choose from that will really make it pop in unique and beautiful ways.

The same goes for things like pavers and lighting, which not only add safety but important subtle highlights that enhance the whole picture. A good Bergen County swimming pool and poolscaping design also takes into account the right amount of space for the outdoor furniture that makes your pool area a fantastic place to relax.

A pool house or other covered structure offers shade during hot, sunny days – plus a space that increases your pool area’s usability in other seasons. Many homeowners today are upping the ante by adding entertainment features like pizza ovens, barbecues, audio, TV, and internet access.

Because a pool is a central part of your Bergen County landscaping, the plantings that go with it are critical. The color design, shrubs and perennials surrounding the area will make a huge difference in the overall look from season to season.

Does this seem like a lot to consider? No worries. The established experts at Borst Landscape and Design know how to pull all the factors of poolscaping together to make your pool design a true thing of beauty. Check out some of our sketches below to gain insight into our designs. Give us a call and let us show how we can turn your backyard into something extraordinary!