Tips For Buying Outdoor Furniture in Bergen County, NJ

Your outdoor space should be an extension of your home, giving family and friends the chance to relax outside, almost year-round. Having the right kind of patio design — something we specialize in for Bergen county homes – provides an elegant foundation.

The next ingredient? Choosing the right outdoor furniture. Having been in the outdoor business for nearly three decades, the landscaping experts at Borst offer these helpful tips.

First, choose pieces that are in keeping with your home’s architectural style. For example, sleek modern furniture will look out of place against a traditional setting.

Outdoor pieces will be made either of wood, metal or synthetic materials. Wood is most expensive, but the most durable. Teak is renowned for standing up against the elements for decades. Cedar and eucalyptus aren’t as expensive or weather-resistant but will hold up as long as they’re regularly treated with a sealant.

Metal furniture pieces range from heavy wrought-iron to lighter (and cheaper) aluminum. Whatever your choice, powder-coating prevents rust. Synthetic outdoor pieces have the advantage of being easy to clean and move around but may not last as long.

Naturally, your budget affects your decision, but apply the same rule as with indoor furniture: buy the very best quality that you can afford.

Borst Landscape and Design are experts at designing and installing swimming pools for residents of Bergen County, NJ. Thus, we recommend that outdoor cushions and pillows be covered with water-resistant material and filled with polyurethane foam. It’s the best choice for repelling moisture that comes from rain or random splashing.

Make sure that you buy enough outdoor pieces to comfortably accommodate family and guests, especially if they’re gathered around that pool or an outdoor kitchen. And don’t forget the shade factor: big umbrellas, or better yet, a beautiful gazebo or pergola will make your space enjoyable on even the hottest days. Borst Landscape and Design can make recommendations on a perfect location for a shade structure (or the above-mentioned pool or outdoor kitchen).

The most important thing about outdoor furniture? Comfort. Think of the space like a living room you’d never want to leave. More questions? Contact Borst Landscape and Design for tips on creating a complete patio area for your Bergen County, NJ home that you’ll love for years.