Top 50 Landscape Resources & Websites

Creating a new landscape plan for your home is a big job. It requires a good knowledge of plants and a great eye for design. It’s best to work with a professional landscape design company who can create a layout that compliments your home and property.

If you’re thinking about a new landscape design for you home, do some research first. There are a lot of great resources online where you can get helpful information and design ideas. It helps to have a little knowledge and some ideas you like before you talk to a contractor. Here are 50 great landscape resources that will help you get started.

Landscaping Ideas

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1. Houzz – A great resource for landscaping ideas that work well with all types of architecture. Find ideas for complete landscape design, backyard remodels, gardens and more.

2. Better Homes and Gardens – Photos and information for easy landscaping ideas for front yards, backyards and garden areas.

3. Southern Living – Collect ideas for colorful gardens, walkways and ways to make your home beautiful with landscaping ideas.

4. HGTV – Create a picture perfect front yard that adds beauty and value to your home with these landscape resources.

5. Country Living – The magazine that’s full of wonderful landscaping ideas for more traditional homes.

6. Good Housekeeping – This magazine has been around for years and still offers great tips and basic advice on a variety of landscaping ideas.

7. Landscaping Network – This resource is a wealth of information on all types of landscaping projects from start to finish.

8. Do-It-Yourself Network – A great resource for people who want to roll up their sleeves and tackle their own landscaping projects.

9. House Logic – Find landscaping ideas, tips and helpful information on all kinds of landscaping projects and needs.

10. Fresh Home – This resource concentrates on architecture and design with landscaping ideas that compliment a variety of architectural styles.

Planting Tips and Advice

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11. Garden Web – A wealth of information and landscape resources on proper planting for trees, shrubs and various plants.

12. Trees of Antiquity – This is a great resource for planting all types of fruit trees that will produce beautiful, healthy fruit.

13. Royal Horticulture Society – A true resource for learning about various plants and flowers with helpful planting tips.

14. Fine Gardening – Easy to follow landscape resources with great information and photos for landscape design, planting guides and gardening tips.

15. The National Gardening Association – A resource for planting guides for trees and shrubs, bulbs, perennials, vegetables, fruits and herbs.

16. Living the Country Life – A unique resource with great gardening tips and planting guides with a focus on organic products.

17. Elle Décor – A stylish up-to-date resource with planting tips for greenery and colorful flowers of every type.

18. Southern Living – For serious landscape enthusiasts, tree planting 101 is a great and easy resource for learning about planting trees on your property.

19. Gardeners’ World – Landscape resources with great gardening tips, planting guides and garden projects for your home.

20. Urban Organic Gardener – An interesting resource on organic gardening with ideas for vegetable gardens, container gardens and tips for healthy plants.

Landscaping With Fences – Fence Design Ideas

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21. Houzz – Great ways to add privacy and landscaping ideas with fencing in stylish design and materials.

22. Hi Pages – Australian landscape resources with a variation of fence styles in beautiful materials for landscaping ideas.

23. Pinterest – Take a look at hundreds of fence designs in different styles and materials.

24. House Logic – Stylish fences for any style home with photos and information on ways to create them.

25. Landscaping Network – A good resource for landscape fencing, gates, arbors and trellises. Good photos and information.

Landscape With Walkways and Pathways – Design Ideas

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25. MSN Real Estate – Great ideas for creating walkways and pathways through your yard or garden.

26. HGTV – Walkway and pathway design ideas using various outdoor materials.

27. Pinterest – Great design ideas with photos of walkways and pathways using various types of stone materials.

28. Budget 101 – Good landscape resources for beginners who want to create interesting walkways and pathways in the yard or garden.

29. Bob Vila – Photos and information on beautiful stone walkways and pathways that are easy to create.

30. The Family Handyman – A simple approach to designing walkways and pathways into your landscaping.

Landscape With Outdoor Lighting – Design Ideas

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31. Lowes – Get information and review different types of outdoor lighting for landscaping projects.

32. Home Design Lover – Find ways to use outdoor lighting that create elegant landscapes.

33. Seagull Lighting – A great resource for all types of lighting, including outdoor pathway lights, pendants, spots and solar fixtures.

34. Nightscaping – A beautiful collection of lighting design ideas for landscape lighting. Elegant style and gorgeous fixtures.

35. Unique Lighting – Outdoor lighting and integrative lighting fixtures for landscaping your home.

36. This Old House – Good information on outdoor landscape lighting and ways to create landscape lighting for your own home.

Landscape Pricing Guides

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37. Home Advisor – A helpful guide for pricing landscaping ideas and materials in different areas like northern New Jersey.

38. Wikihow – A guide with basic information and steps to price out landscaping projects.

39. Lawn Site – A national site with information on landscaping price guides, materials and related costs.

40. Better Homes and Gardens – Advice and information to help figure out pricing on landscaping projects for your home.

41. Landscape Calculator – Estimate how many plants, how much mulch and much gravel or stone to buy for landscaping jobs.

42. Home WYSE – A great price guide to estimate landscaping projects by zip code in areas like Bergen County, NJ and Passaic County, NJ.

Virtual Landscaping Tools

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43. Show Off – This website has virtual tools to help you create landscape designs and layouts.

44. Momma’s Choice – A website with free interactive virtual landscape tools to create layouts, gardens, borders and more.

45. Photo Image – Allows you to see what your home or business will look like landscaped before you invest time and money in a landscape company.

46. Better Homes and Gardens – Plan a Garden virtual tool lets you create and plan a garden with interactive tools.

47. Home Designer – A great interactive program that lets you design various landscaping ideas like decks and patios and landscaping and garden ideas with more than 3000 plants to choose from.

48. Vision Scape – A great resource with 3D virtual design tools to create all kinds of landscape designs.

49. Idea Spectrum – Good software to download or buy for creating landscape designs.

50. Smart Draw – Landscape software for easy design and planning of landscape projects. Includes a free download.

Before you begin your landscape design project, investigate these helpful landscape resources for valuable information and helpful tools. Gather information and helpful photos on landscape ideas you like, then contact your landscape company to discuss your northern New Jersey landscaping needs.