“Tree Pruning Near Me”: What To Know About Winter Tree Pruning

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If questions about winter pruning have you searching “tree pruning near me,” find your answers here!


You know you can’t hibernate all winter and save plant care for the spring, and you’re right. Winter is actually an excellent time to take care of your trees. If you have been searching “tree pruning near me,” you may have questions about the benefits of winter pruning, and what trees it’s right for. We will walk you through the reasons you want to prune in winter for some trees to be their most healthy and beautiful.

Borst organic tree and shrub care services make your landscaping more beautiful while making your plants less susceptible to attacks by insects and diseases. Proper care will also bolster your trees against environmental stresses. 

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Tree Pruning Near Me for Healthy, Happy Trees in NJ

Pruning your trees and shrubs can happen throughout the year, depending on the type of plant. In fact, with the right tools you can take dead branches off established plants any time of the year. But while pruning has tremendous benefits for your trees and shrubs, you should be sure of the variety if you are snipping limbs that might still be green. 

Pruning at the wrong time can cause damage, weaken, or spread disease to your trees and shrubs instead of strengthening them and stimulating growth.

So what trees need to be pruned in the winter for best results?

Deciduous shade trees

Winter tree pruning is the best time for shade trees like oak, ash and linden.

In autumn, leaves fall off deciduous plants and trees take a long winter nap until warmer spring temperatures stir them. Without leaves, you can easily see the structure of the tree, which makes it a great time for tree pruning to shape and beautify them. 

It’s also a good time to identify dead or dangerous branches and remove them. Dead or broken limbs are a serious safety hazard for you and your loved ones, especially in the harsh weather of winter, when they might be blown or knocked to the ground.

Trees are also less likely to spread disease from pruning injury in the winter because of their dormant state. 

You need to have the proper tools and knowledge about how to make the perfect cut, in a way that is safe for both you and the tree. Calling upon the expertise of your landscaping company may be the best way to go about it, and it means you can enjoy the benefits without breaking your back.

Pruning Fruit-Bearing Trees

Winter pruning during dormancy is best for your apple, crabapple, cherry, peach, plum and pear trees. Pruning fruit trees is necessary to increase their fruit production in the year ahead.

Wounds to fruiting trees sustained during the warmer growing season can expose them to serious bacterial disease.

Why call the experts for tree pruning near me

Winter is a great time to bring in the landscaping professionals near you to tackle your pruning. Your landscaping company has the know-how to prune the correct trees the correct way, and has the right tools for the job. They can take care of hard-to-reach limbs safely. 

What’s more, their equipment can be set up on the frozen ground for an efficient approach without doing damage to your landscaping. 

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Photo by Clever Visuals on Unsplash