Five Ways Landscapers Keep Mosquitoes Away


Learn more about the ways landscapers keep mosquitoes away with these tricks of the trade.

With the warmer weather comes the return of everyone’s favorite outdoor activities. However, an unwelcome guest always loves to crash the party: mosquitoes. How can you keep these pests at bay while still enjoying your time outside? Your neighborhood landscapers might have the solution. This article will explore how landscapers keep mosquitoes away to make outdoor experiences more enjoyable.

The Borst Landscape & Design team knows that spending time outdoors is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for the sake of a beautiful yard. That’s why we use our expertise to design and maintain landscapes that naturally repel mosquitoes, so you can enjoy your outdoor space without being constantly bothered by pesky bugs. Say goodbye to bug spray and hello to a beautiful and functional yard!

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Five ways landscapers keep mosquitoes away

There are many ways landscapers keep mosquitoes away from outdoor spaces. The ways landscapers keep mosquitoes away include a combination of plant selection, design features, and regular maintenance to create outdoor spaces that are both beautiful and bite-free. Read on for more tips!

  1. One of the most effective methods is using plants that naturally repel mosquitoes. For example, citronella, lemongrass, and lavender are all known to have mosquito-repelling properties and can be incorporated into landscaping designs to help keep the bugs at bay.
  2. Removing standing water from the property can help eliminate breeding grounds for mosquitoes since they lay their eggs in still water. Landscapers can help achieve this by ensuring that drainage systems are working properly and that any areas of standing water, such as bird baths or fountains, are regularly emptied and cleaned.
  3. In addition to plant selection and water management, landscapers can incorporate design features that help repel mosquitoes. For example, installing outdoor fans can help create a breeze that gives mosquitoes trouble flying while also providing a cooling effect for those enjoying the outdoor space.
  4. Outdoor lighting can also be used strategically, as mosquitoes are attracted to bright lights, so using lower-wattage bulbs or dimmer lighting can help deter them. Plus, using screens or netting around outdoor living areas can help create a physical barrier between people and mosquitoes, providing protection.
  5. Finally, regular maintenance is crucial in keeping mosquitoes at bay. Landscapers can help by regularly mowing lawns and trimming bushes and trees, as mosquitoes like to hide in overgrown vegetation. Additionally, removing any debris or clutter from the property can help eliminate potential hiding spots for mosquitoes.

Borst has the expertise you need

The skilled landscapers at Borst Landscape & Design use various techniques to help keep mosquitos away from your outdoor spaces. We know that regular maintenance is one of the key ways landscapers keep mosquitoes away, which is why we offer ongoing landscape maintenance services.

Plus, we’re the Bergen County landscape service that protects you through premium organic pest management. Our environmentally-friendly treatments and specialized approach offer practical solutions to keep your yard safe and healthy. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help keep mosquitos away from your property and create the perfect outdoor oasis for you to enjoy.

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