What Annuals Grow Best in Shade? 5 Gorgeous Blooms To Know

what annuals grow best in shade

What annuals grow best in shade? There are many options. Meet these 5 go-to favorites for beautiful blooms.

If you are wondering what annuals grow best in shade, there is good news. These days, a shady garden won’t stop you from having all the colors you’re dreaming of. Many beautiful annual flowers are available to make your shaded garden the lovely and uplifting place you want it to be. Read on to explore some of the best options for adding color to shady nooks and gardens across your property.

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What annuals grow best in shade? 5 stand-outs to consider.

You want vibrant pops of color for any garden, be it in a window box, planter or a large planter bed. Here are a handful of bright blooming plants to consider when you’re asking what annuals grow best in shade.

Impatiens – A classic choice for annuals that grow best in shade, this bright-colored bloom comes in shades across the rainbow, including blossoms boasting more than one color at a time. These low-maintenance flowers are susceptible to downy mildew, which is a serious problem. If you’ve had issues with this plant disease in the past make sure to let your landscaper know.

There are many varieties of impatiens that dazzle with different blooms and leaf shapes.  Double impatiens look like small roses and bloom all season long, even in full shade.

Fuchsia – Another classic choice for your annual shade garden, fuchsias come in a range of sizes from small decorative pops to eye-catching shrubs. You’re sure to enjoy their delicate, bright-colored blooms. Typically they prefer light shade and are happiest in bright indirect light.

Tuberous Begonia – A beautiful flower that often resembles a rose in its bloom, this shade annual glows with warm tones from yellow to pink or red, no blues. A dynamic plant, it can be used in garden beds or planters and there are even cascading varieties that look lovely hanging over the edges of hanging baskets or along garden walls. These plants like to keep it cool and prefer partial shade – no direct, scorching sun. 

Dragon Wing or Wax Begonia – Another warm-toned begonia that loves deep shade, the dragon wing gets its name from its large oval leaves. It’s a middle-height plant, 15-18 inches tall and wide with a cascading, fountaining shape. 

The wax begonia is a smaller cousin, a voracious bloomer that will flower red, pink, white or orange from spring straight through to the first frost. Look to this plant for interesting leaf color to add variety to beds or planters. It grows happily even in full shade.

Lobelia – If you’re looking for ground cover or a blue option, meet Lobelia. Flowers in bright blue, white or deep pinks and red, this is a shorter plant at 6-8 inches tall. It trails up to 24 inches in cascades and makes a great choice to spill from your container gardens. For the best blooms, partial shade to full sun is best. 

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