What is French Drains and Benefit of French Drains

A proper drainage system is important because it can help protect your property and it can also increase your Bergen County property value. A French drain can quickly remove water runoff from your property to prevent standing water from destroying your lawn or your home’s foundation.

Benefits of a Drainage System

Drainage systems protect the foundation of your Northern New Jersey home, and also your hardscaping and softscaping, which adds curb appeal to your property. A good drainage system is an investment in your home, because of benefits such as controlling the growth and spread of bacteria and pests, which often result from standing water and diverting water runoff away from your home and lawn.

Drainage System
Characteristics of a French Drain

French drains carry a legacy of more than 200 years of diversity and design and are still the most effective method of removing surface or underground water from areas susceptible to water damage.

Several factors can alter the installation of a French drain and this can affect the final price. If you are considering having one installed for your basement, yard, walkway or driveway in Bergen County, here are some things to consider before talking to a professional landscaping company:

  • Location – To ensure the drain is able to catch water
  • Depth – The drain should not overflow easily after a heavy storm
  • Runoff – Local environmental or zoning laws may dictate where runoff is directed
  • Safety – To prevent people from falling in the drain\
  • Appearance – The trench shouldn’t detract from your landscape, which is another reason why hiring a professional company like Borst Landscape and Design is strongly recommended
  • Drainage – Precisely the right type of gravel needs to be used to allow for good drainage
  • Utility lines – the location of utility lines could affect where a contractor is able to dig

French Drain BenefitsFrench Drain Benefits

French drains are trenches that are typically filled with gravel, rock, or other materials. French drains are versatile in that they can be installed almost anywhere on your property, and they are very effective at quickly removing excess water runoff.

French drains are sloped to allow excess water to seep into the surrounding soil and away from the home. Though it appears simple in design and function, it takes knowledge and experience to install an effective French drain. Consult with an experienced landscape design company like Borst Landscape and Design if you’re interested in installing a drain system on your Northern New Jersey property.

Types of French Drains

French DrainsThere are four types of French drains to choose from, and each serves a different purpose. Filter drains collect groundwater, while collector drains work with underground water. Dispersal drains work to distribute the decanted contents of a septic tank into a drain field, and an internal French drain is designed to collect water from a basement. Each type of installation is characterized by individual complexities that can affect cost.

Analyze Your Terrain

It’s important to know the lay of the land when it comes to drain installation. Areas with a large number of hills and slopes may see an increase in prices to account for the extra work needed to make sure your French drain can divert water properly.

French drains are made to collect water that may be accumulating in the wrong places and could potentially be causing damage to structures in the area or the landscape in general. The drain installation is not designed to stop water from collecting, so the complexity of the installation is factored by the amount of water that could be running off the surface or the amount of water that could be running underground.

Due to a high volume of water flow, a common occurrence in northern New Jersey, it may be necessary to install two or more underground drain pipes. This is usually done to circumvent possible clogs that could ensue if the drains are hit with too much water at once.


It’s difficult to give an exact price for drain installation due to the number of factors that go into the pricing. While it may seem complicated, having a French drain could help in protecting your property or home from water and moisture damage. For more information about how French drains can protect your home and property, and for exact pricing information, contact Borst Landscape and Design and ask them to evaluate your property or home.

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