What’s Your Style? – August Edition

“What will it look like?” – “How will we use it?” – “Are there options for our space?”

All these questions, and more, are asked by homeowners who want to redesign their landscape.

At Borst Landscape & Design, we create and produce visual presentations to help answer these questions. The look, feel, material and use of your property can be transformed before it is even installed!

Our design team sets out to meet with you and understand your needs. We look at the character of your home, consider the style of the architecture and the style the homeowner wants to achieve. We study the qualities of the site and the technical abilities required to create the landscape you dream of.  Our design concepts and visual presentations will bring your dream to reality! Our installation crews are craftsmen that will build our design so that we will fit you to your property just right!

Click through the gallery below to see what our design process is like, and what could be possible for you.