Backyard Pond Design and Construction in Northern NJ

The landscaping of a northern New Jersey homeowner’s property is the first thing anyone sees when they come up the driveway. Lush gardens, pathways, bridges, retaining walls and towering trees are all dynamic parts of beautiful landscaping. With the expert services of Bergen County’s Borst Landscape & Design, property owners in and around Bergen and Passaic County can take that beauty one step further by installing a backyard pond on their land.

Types of Backyard Ponds in Northern NJ

Ponds have evolved from dug or natural holes seen mainly on farms and in rural areas to breathtaking water features set amid luxurious landscaping. There are several different types of ponds to suit the tastes of any Bergen County property owner and the size, function and intricacy of the ponds are limited only by a person’s imagination. A pond can be something small and simple tucked in among flower beds or it can be an expansive focal point complete with a constructed waterfall and stream.

Water Gardens

One type of pond for Bergen County homes is a water garden where specific plants are allowed and encouraged to grow. A water garden is filled with a variety of water-loving plants and flowers and is a very colorful and peaceful addition to landscaping.

Balance is required in a water garden. Too many plants and the garden becomes too crowded to grow. Not enough plants and algae develop. Simple maintenance ensures that a properly installed and designed water garden thrives and flourishes.

Koi Ponds

For northern NJ homeowners who want to bring life via a pond beyond plants, a fish pond is a great idea. A decorative fish pond is shallow enough so colorful fish like Koi are easily seen swimming around. Homeowners and theirs guests delight in watching and feeding the fish in the pond making it a truly interactive water feature. The graceful movements of the fish bring serenity to the landscaping and make it feel like a true outdoor oasis even in the most suburban of locations.

Having a stream or waterfall that flows into a pond creates a deeper, more natural feel. A Bergen County homeowner can choose to put in the stream and pond and then design the garden around it. Either way, their land will be overflowing with life, enchantment, and serenity.

Ponds are a versatile part of any landscaping layout and provide years of enjoyment to the property owner. Borst Landscape & Design has been serving the northern New Jersey area for more than two decades, and we’re eager to assist property owners in the design and construction of backyard pond creations.

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