Outdoor Landscape Lighting Services in NJ

Landscape Lighting Design & Installation Services

The latest trend in Bergen County landscaping is outdoor landscape lighting. Modern lighting systems are not only a smart investment but can dramatically improve the landscape. A professionally installed and maintained lighting system in northern New Jersey will increase the beauty and safety of a home along with adding to the home’s value. The dramatic transformation in the look and ambiance of your home will be readily apparent after employing our outdoor landscape lighting services.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Options

While there are many options when it comes to outdoor lighting the use of low-voltage systems saves on energy costs and is generally much safer than higher-voltage units. A professional Bergen County landscaping company should be consulted to determine which system should be used. No matter what type of installation is recommended to get ready to enjoy the yard and landscape like never before.

Landscape Lighting Design Services

As part of our landscape lighting design services, we will help you decide what areas to light at night and then select the appropriate lighting techniques. After working out how the power will be supplied, Borst will help you select the right fixtures for your landscape, and the right bulbs for the atmosphere you hope to create.

Landscape Lighting Installation Service

Borst Landscape and Design has trained and licensed electricians to provide landscape lighting installation services to homeowners in Bergen County, NJ. Anywhere on your property, whether you want to add lighting to your pool, your front walkway or highlight some trees in your landscape, our lighting installers can handle the job.


Benefits of Outdoor Landscape Lighting in NJ

There are many benefits to adding outdoor lighting to homes in Bergen and Passaic County. The following list, while not comprehensive, touches on the main advantages of installing outside lights:

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  • Security – Illuminating outdoor areas cuts down or eliminates places to hide. Anyone wanting to create mischief is dissuaded from doing so. Lighting is one of, or maybe the best way, to secure your outside areas.
  • Safety – After the sun goes down it’s often too dark to navigate. Lighting up the area makes it safe for everyone to move around. The safety of family, friends, and guests is of prime importance at all times at your home.
  • Usability – More of a yard can be used after it’s lit up. Decks, patios, and other recreational areas can be used as much after dark to when the sun is up.
  • Beauty – Lighting can be used to accentuate the architecture of your home. Dramatic lighting displays can highlight a fountain, statue, tree, or any other feature or object in the yard. Showcase that special object in the yard with expertly-placed lighting while setting apart your home from your neighbors.
  • Economy – If low-voltage systems are used they are generally less expensive to install and less costly to run and maintain. These savings can be dramatic in the long run.

Outdoor lighting is a great way to enhance your northern NJ home. Whether for safety and security or more usability and beauty, lighting up a landscape can dramatically alter the look and feel of a homestead. A yard can go from a little-used and unsafe area to an area that is enjoyed by family and friends. A professionally installed landscape lighting system will also improve the value of your home.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Services in Bergen County

Borst Landscape & Design, based in Bergen County, New Jersey, can install and maintain an outdoor lighting system to enhance your New Jersey home and landscape. Many years of experience offering outdoor landscape lighting services have given our firm a unique understanding of outdoor lighting and design. If you want more information regarding outdoor lighting in northern NJ, or landscaping in general, contact Borst Landscape & Design.