Retaining Wall Design & Installation Services

Retaining Wall Design & Installation Services

Retaining walls are unique parts of any home or landscape. Equally functional and decorative, retaining walls stabilize the sloping ground and prevent it from eroding or crumbling. A retaining wall is an integral part of a landscape, but it can also be beautiful, constructed from a variety of decorative or ornamental materials.

Many people view their retaining walls as a design element on their properties. It can be a visually stunning structure that is made from stone and adorned with climbing vines and other plants. If you’re considering installing a retaining wall or speaking with a professional about retaining wall design and installation services, Borst Landscape & Design is here to help.

Purpose of Retaining Walls Design

Retaining walls are a feat of engineering. Their purpose is to redistribute the pressure and forces of sloping ground or to hold soil behind a strong structure. Today, contractors use dozens of different types of materials to build retaining walls. These materials include the following:

  • Stacked Fieldstone and Bluestone
  • Interlocking Block
  • Block with stone veneer
  • Boulders
  • Treated Timber
Retaining Walls Beauty and Function

Some are easy to use while others are more difficult to install. Some materials have a shorter lifespan than others, although each is capable of retaining soil, just so long as they are built correctly. If they’re not, you risk damaging your property or running into a disaster when your wall falls down later in its life.

Hiring a retaining wall contractor is a good way to avoid this outcome. Our contractors are experienced and skilled and understand the ins-and-outs of using rocks, plants, garden materials and structures to create sturdy, beautiful retaining walls that will last a lifetime.

Retaining Wall Design Services

There are dozens of components to retaining wall design, and a contractor here at Borst can help you put them all in order. For example, for proper drainage, water is controlled by the installation of filter fabric and gravel behind the wall. We can help you design and engineer that functionality, so your property stays safe and beautiful for years.

Our experienced contractors are experts in retaining wall design and will work with you to ensure your wall comes out exactly the way you had imagined.

A few of the elements we’ll discuss with you as we work together on your retaining wall installation

The Size of the Wall. The size of your retaining wall will depend in large part on its purpose and location. For example, a wall built to hold back a large amount of soil will generally be larger and more durable than a wall built primarily for decorative purposes. We’ll work with you to evaluate your property and ensure the wall you build works for your landscape.

The Materials of the Wall. The materials you use to build your wall have a large impact on its durability and long-term functionality. As one of the top landscape design companies in NJ, Borst is uniquely qualified to offer outstanding advice on the material you use for your wall, and how best to integrate it with your landscape.

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Retaining Walls - Beauty and Function

The Location of the Wall. Because retaining walls are used to redistribute the pressure of sloping ground, location is essential to proper function. We’ll tour your property and help you understand where a wall will and will not work.

The Design Elements of the Wall. Retaining walls aren’t only about function. They’re also about form. If you want your retaining wall to be beautiful and utilitarian, we can help you develop a plan to make it come true. Thanks to our ample background in landscape design, we can help you understand which plants and greenery will work well with your wall

Why Borst for Retaining Wall Design & Installation Services?

Borst Landscape & Design is one of the premier landscape design companies in NJ. Experienced and reliable, we’ve been serving the northern New Jersey area for more than two decades. Today, we’re eager to assist property owners in the design and construction of their dream landscape.

To learn more about our retaining wall services or to find out how we can help you with retaining wall design, contact us today. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.