Winter Landscape Maintenance Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How high should I leave my grass for the winter?

A: As winter approaches, gradually lower your cut to about 2 inches.  This allows leaves to blow off more easily and make your lawn less prone to winter temperatures and conditions.

Q: Should I fertilize before winter?

A: Yes. Your lawn will store the nutrients in the root zone and take advantage of them in early spring.

Q: Is there anything I can do to protect my evergreens from a harsh winter?

A: Yes. “Winter Overcoat” is an anti-dessicant that is sprayed on the evergreens as winter approaches.  This will keep the winter winds and cold temperatures from burning the leaves and needles.

Q: Should I prune and fertilize my roses?

A: No.  Roses should not be fed after August.  The canes can be cut back only slightly so they don’t get damaged.  The hard pruning is done in the spring.

Winter “To Do” List

  • Install Holiday Lighting and seasonal decorations
  • Finish application of anti-dessicants (Early Winter)
  • 2nd application of deer repellents