Borst Is Your Best Pick for a “Lawn Fertilizer Service Near Me”


If you were scanning the web for “lawn fertilizer service near me,” you’ve come to the right place. Borst Landscape and Design offers the best of Bergen County.

Grass and other plants have a lot to recover from after a long, cold winter. Freezing weather saps important nutrients, and most soils need to be replenished in order to support new growth. In Bergen County, it’s high time to fertilize around mid-April, just as temperatures creep up towards 55 degrees and the lilacs begin to bloom. When you’re looking for “lawn fertilizer service near me,” your neighborhood professionals are at Borst Landscape & Design.

An expert at Borst is eager to help you grow a thick and healthy lawn. Call us today at (201) 581-8076, or reach us through our online contact form.

The Essentials: Sunshine, Water, and Fertilizer

When grass comes out of hibernation, it uses a great deal of energy to “wake back up” and send out fresh shoots. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (or, NPK) are the essential trifecta of a well-rounded fertilizer. Leave out just one and a lawn could end up with garish brown patches. A professional from our team at the best “lawn fertilizer service near me” can assess your lawn and get it back into balance.

There’s more to a healthy lawn than proper fertilization, however. As a rule of thumb, your lawn needs to drink 1 inch of water per week for proper lawn care. Not only does the amount of water matter, so does the way that it’s applied. 

Short, frequent sprinkler applications cause the surface soil to dry out much faster. Deep, less frequent watering encourages roots to grow deeper into the earth. Deeper down, roots can access sources of groundwater which fortify grass against drought. There is such a thing as too much watering, however, which can lead to fungal growth and lawn diseases. Borst offers a “lawn fertilizer service near me” that knows the difference between too much and just enough.

That’s the skinny on fertilizer and watering. As for sunshine, we leave that to the skies.

What Else Should I Expect from a “Lawn Fertilizer Service Near Me”?

Your lawn’s health requires more than regular fertilization. There are also insects and pests to consider. Luckily, we know how to combat those little buggers as well.

Your lawn is at risk of attack by harmful insects year-round. In June sod webworms, the larvae of lawn moths, appear. In July it’s grub worms, the larvae of Japanese beetles. You’ve likely seen a white, C-shaped grub worm before, but other pests are harder to identify. 

At Borst, we’ve done extensive research (not to mention our decades of experience!) to learn about New Jersey’s wide variety of outdoor pests — all of the ways to diagnose their presence, and all of the efficient treatments. If you risk taking on a DIY project, you may misjudge the problem and potentially create a new problem in the process. When you’re looking for a “lawn fertilizer service near me,” do the smart thing and pick Borst over YouTube Academy.

When Hunting for a “Lawn Fertilizer Service Near Me,” Borst Is Best

Proper lawn care requires skill and experience, which we have in large supply. For year-round commitment, call on the professionals at Borst Landscape & Design. Give us a call at (201) 581-8076, or reach out via our online contact form.