Designing and Installing the Right Retaining Wall for your Property

Why do some properties have nice, level stretches of ground for recreation while others don’t have a single good place to play ball or put a blanket down? And why, when it rains, are some yards high and dry while others become marshy? The answer could be one of the most overlooked yet important elements of hardscaping: the retaining wall.

Retaining Walls Beauty and Function

What are the Benefits of a Retaining Wall?

Retaining walls can make your yard more usable as well as more functional.Whether you have obvious drainage, structural problems, or more subtle problems, there are many ways in which your home and property can be enhanced with a retaining wall. Hiring a professional like Borst Landscape and Design can help you reap the following benefits:

  • Manage water runoff – Water runs downhill and is the worst enemy of your driveway, your home’s foundation, your walkways, your patio, – everything that you use and enjoy that isn’t green. A retaining wall and a proper drainage plan will direct water runoff in a safe3 and sustainable way.
  • Provide usable land – The other benefit of eliminating slopes is that suddenly your entire yard is no longer an obstacle but a place that can be used for function and fun. People who invest in retaining walls discover that their property feels bigger because the ground is useful for playing and entertaining.
  • Support the Grade – A yard that isn’t graded properly quickly becomes problematic. Don’t wait until your driveway or foundation is cracked to take action. Retaining walls and proper grading help support the structures so pressures from water and weather are alleviated and don’t threaten the structural integrity of your home and hardscapes. .
  • Aesthetic – Properly designed and constructed retaining walls are an elegant touch in your yard, making it look more groomed and providing beautiful new spaces which blend seamlessly with gardens and other hardscaping elements. The design possibilities are endless!

retaining wall
Why is Borst Landscape and Design the Right Choice to Build my Retaining Wall?

It may seem like a simple undertaking, but like most things, doing it properly is critical. The materials that can be used – timber, interlocking blocks, stone, or brick – each come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Borst Landscape and Design has experience in using all of these materials and can help you decide which is right for you. Our technicians use quality materials and techniques, including building all of their walls below grade, backing them with gravel, layering with filter fabric, and installing drainage pipes. Without quality construction and proper engineering, your retaining wall could bulge, bow, and ultimately fail, with damage not only to the wall itself but to the structures which it was designed to protect.

Call award-winning Borst Landscape and Design today to discuss the beautiful and functional benefits that can be achieved with retaining walls at your home or business.