Don’t Let Mother Nature Fool You!

From thunderstorms with torrential downpour to a peaceful drizzle, July has brought North Jersey a ton of rainy weather! After visiting client properties these past few weeks, we want to shed light – or should we say “lightning” – on some common lawn maintenance misconceptions.

After a downpour, you don’t have to water for a few days, right?


We’ve seen many lawns recently that, because of a day of heavy rainfall, haven’t been watered for days after. The result? Dry soil conditions. Why? Because a high percentage of that heavy rainfall is runoff. The water is falling faster than it can seep into the ground, causing it to flow down the slope of your lawn onto the sidewalk and/or street.

Unfortunately, you can’t and shouldn’t assume those 15 minutes of a crazy, yet entertaining downpour replaces several days of a sprinkler’s job. However, you CAN and SHOULD check your lawn’s hydration to be sure! Dig down 2-3 inches the next day. If it’s moist, it’s hydrated! If it’s dry, get watering!

On the other hand, it’s also important to recognize when your lawn is overwatered. After several days of consistent normal or heavy rain, it’s probably time to hit pause on your sprinkler system! An overabundance of water can dilute the soil, remove important nutrients, breed fungus, and fuel weed growth.

When it comes to runoff or overwatering, control what you can! When you can’t, here are two ways to help mitigate the damage! ⬇

  • Aerate
    • Just call on the experts! Borst Landscape & Design has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to aerate your lawn before or after a lot of rain. This process opens up the soil for air, water, and nutrients to flow through, giving roots what they need to grow healthy and dense.
  • Keep Off The Grass
    • Simple, yet effective! Avoid walking on your water-soaked lawn as it can compact the soil and harm the grass blades.

We love Mother Nature! But sometimes she gives us a tricky game to play. The best thing you can do for your lawn is to be mindful of the forecast, adjust your watering habits when needed, and consider reaching out to us about our Aeration and Seeding services. We’re here to help!