Fireplace or Fire Pit? Adding a Warm Note to Your Landscape

Since the beginning of time, gazing into a warm, flickering fire has proven irresistible. Today, you can enjoy that cozy ambiance with a beautiful outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Borst Landscape and Design in Bergen County has over 20 years of experience in creating the perfect fireplace/fire pit feature for homeowners looking to incorporate an inviting addition to their property.

Imagine relaxing with a quiet drink at the end of a long workday, sitting with friends as you cook up an impromptu feast, or taking the chill off of an early fall evening. The opportunities to enjoy your outdoor fireplace or fire pit are endless. So which option is best for you?

An outdoor fireplace is a bigger focal point in your landscape. It can be designed to block an ugly view, add privacy, or create a statement in your yard that you can see from indoors as well. The downside? They take up more space and you can only sit on one side.

By contrast, an outdoor fire pit is more casual and less expensive to construct. However, since it’s open, you may not be able to control where smoke drifts and cooking options may be more limited.

Fireplace or Firepit: Adding a Warm Note to Your Landscape

Both features offer a chance to enjoy cozy moments, enhance entertaining and extend the time you can enjoy your outdoor space. Plus, they’ve been shown to add value to your property.

An outdoor fireplace or fire pit can be fueled by either wood or gas (so pay attention to access to the gas line when considering location). A qualified Bergen County landscape designer like Borst Landscape and Design offers the expert advice to make the best fireplace or fire pit choice for Bergen County homeowners.

After walking your property, they’ll offer insights on a prime location, complimentary landscape elements, like plants, and more. Their experience will also help you navigate things like local zoning and fire laws in Bergen County and other areas (most generally dictate a fireplace or fire pit be at least 15 feet from the main structure). Plus, they’ll offer recommendations on what kinds of materials will best suit your design.

Get ready to pull up a chair to your stunning new fire feature. Whether you choose a fireplace or fire pit for your backyard or patio, just make a call to the experts at Borst Landscape and Design in Bergen County; you’ll be enjoying those wonderful moments with family and friends in front of warm, glowing flames before you know it!