Looking for Front Walkway Ideas? We’ll Get You Started!

front walkway ideas

Front Walkway Ideas for Inspiration


Looking for front walkway ideas? This is the perfect time of year to get inspired to make beautiful and functional changes to your property. Winter may seem like it’s too cold and snowy in Northern New Jersey to bother thinking about landscaping. But in reality, this quiet time of year is the perfect season to make plans for stunning and simple changes to your property come spring. 


Your front walkway should be beautiful and durable. Borst Landscape & Design provides exceptional outdoor walkway landscaping services, and we specialize in helping our customers create beautiful, unique paths to punctuate their property.


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Why consider a front walkway?


  • Create a sense of welcome leading to your front door
  • Guide guests to your front door along a path that takes them past favorite features
  • Encourage a slow and winding approach that invites appreciation of your front yard
  • Walkways beautify your yard by incorporating favorite materials and plants 
  • Paths protect your lawn from foot traffic and keep it looking healthy


When planning your front walkway, there are some must-know factors to consider. Read on for important tips that will have a huge impact on the look and the functionality of your walkway.

Materials Matter 


You have many options when it comes to choosing the materials for your front walkway. Our pro tip: consider your home’s architecture and the garden and landscaping surrounding your home. You’ll want to complement what you have already established. 


You’ll also want to consider the overall appearance you want from your walkway. Do you like a formal straight line? Consider the neat and tidy appearance of brick. Prefer a rustic look that asks you to take life a little more slowly and stop to smell the rose bushes? Natural stone in an organic shape with a curving line will be what you prefer. 


The materials you choose will impact the color, texture, look and feel of your walkway.


With so many options, it’s a good idea to consult the experts about path and walkway design. Your experienced Bergen County landscape design company will be able to provide inspirational ideas for your perfect front walkway. 

Walkways Get You There, Beautifully


Your front walkway offers you access, and not just to the welcome of your front door. Does your front yard hold gardens, benches, patios, gazebos, or favorite shrubs and trees? Your walkway will guide you along your favorite paths without damaging your grass. It will connect the various features of your yard, both aesthetically and functionally. Plus, by connecting the separate parts of your yard together, a front walkway offers a sense of cohesion, connection, and visual appeal. 


Your front walkway will beautify your yard.  In addition to the lines and flow it will create, did you know that you can adorn your walkway with ground covers, plants, or similar green elements? This will soften their look and help them feel like they are a real part of your established landscaping. 


Want to take it one step farther? Install lighting along the pathway! 


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