How to Care for New Lawn: Top Tips

how to care for new lawn

Asking how to care for new lawn? We’ll tell you what you need to know to grow lush and happy grass, the natural way, with these 3 tips


A new lawn is a big investment and you want to be sure that you are giving it the proper care and attention so it will grow and thrive for years to come. If you’re turning to the internet for answers, your search for “how to care for new lawn” has brought you to the right place. Read on for 3 must-know tips to turn your tender baby grass into the thick, lush lawn of your dreams.


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How to care for new lawn: 3 tips you need to know


Whether you are starting fresh on a patch of unhealthy grass or establishing an entirely new lawn, there are three important things you need to know to help your new lawn succeed in those first weeks of tender growth. 


  1. With a new lawn, watering is key to success. Both insufficient water and overwatering can harm the young plants. Baby grass needs easy access to plenty of water while it works to establish a substantial, healthy root structure. You want the top layer of soil to stay moist but never soggy. Soil and weather conditions will determine how often you will need to water in those first crucial weeks.
  2. Minimize foot traffic for the first three weeks. That means try to avoid walking on the grass and keep kids and pets clear. The young plants are putting all their energy into developing their roots. If the plants are damaged during this delicate time, you are likely to see the scars on your new lawn. Once the plants are sturdy they will be a durable cushion for play.
  3. Don’t mow until your newly established baby grass has reached 3-4 inches in height. Once the grass is happily growing, you can mow to help it look neat, but also to encourage regeneration and a thick, lush lawn that will keep weeds at bay.


It’s also important to make sure the nutrient levels in your soil are sufficient for healthy root growth and keep the new grass free from any debris that will block sun exposure or lead to fungus, mold, or rot. 

Try Organic Care from Borst


Of course, the benefits of bringing in an expert landscaping company to tend to your new lawn are many. You can be sure your tender new grass is in the best hands, saving you worry. You can leave the lawn care to the pros, saving you a significant amount of time. And with organic lawn care, you can enjoy your lawn and all it has to offer with the extra assurance that you are not being exposed to harsh or dangerous chemical treatments.


Are you concerned about using hazardous chemicals and sprays to treat your lawn? With 25+ years of experience, Borst knows what it takes to get your lawn looking its absolute best. Our organic lawn care program achieves healthier soil and stronger root growth while being an environmentally-sound and sustainable practice that proves long-lasting benefits for your grass and your loved ones alike.


With the Borst Organic Lawn Care program, we offer Northern New Jersey residents: 

  • Fertilization
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  • Root Stimulants and Developers
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  • Soil Test
  • Secondary Micronutrients


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