How to Mulch Over Grass Seed and Other Mulching Questions Answered

how to mulch over grass

Wondering how to mulch over grass seed? We explore all things mulch.

Wondering how to mulch over grass seed, or even if you should? Finding yourself dreaming of beautiful garden beds, edged cleanly and mulched to perfection? Mulch has many uses and benefits for your yard and gardens, and you can find out more here.

When it’s time to determine the best mulch options for your lawn and landscaping, it’s best to work with a landscape professional who has expert knowledge and experience with all types of mulches. Talk to Borst Landscape & Design to learn more about mulching, including what types to consider for your landscape’s unique needs. 

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Why use mulch?

Mulch adds a protective layer to your plant beds with great benefits for plants and soil. Organic mulches decompose over time and need to be replaced, but provide excellent nutrients. Inorganic mulches are great for adding decorative elements or pathways to your landscape. There are many materials, textures and colors of mulch to be considered, and each have their benefits.

Other perks of mulching include:

  • Protecting soil from erosion
  • Retaining moisture in the soil
  • Preventing weeds from growing
  • Adding visual appeal to plant beds
  • Maintaining soil temperatures to protect roots
  • Cushioning walkways underfoot

Specific benefits depend on factors like what type of mulch you are using, and what time of year you are applying it, as well as soil quality and what sort of plants you are mulching around. There is also the question of what you want to achieve through mulching, from giving garden beds a facelift to stopping erosion or water loss in a troublesome area.

How to mulch over grass seed

If you’re overseeding an existing lawn, you generally don’t have to mulch over grass seeds because they are sheltered by the existing grass. But if you’re putting in a new lawn from seed, you’ll need something to protect the grass seed from drying out or blowing away before it germinates. This brings us to the question of how to mulch over grass seed. 

You want to select the right material and spread a thin layer of mulch that will lock in moisture while still allowing seedlings to get sun exposure. You might use 1/4-inch of clean straw, sawdust, light peat moss or paper mulch. If you have a sloped lawn or are planting on a hill, a biodegradable seed mat or a layer of burlap over seeds is another option. 

It’s critical you get it right if you want your new grass to grow evenly and healthily. It’s always a good idea to talk with your lawn care company to help you with how to mulch over grass seed.

Natural lawn care services from Borst

Borst offers organic, all-natural lawn care services for a safer way to keep your lawn healthy and looking its best. 

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