How to Take Care of Your Lawn in the Winter

how to take care of your lawn in the winter

Year-Round Lawn Care is Important. We Look at How to Take Care of Your Lawn in the Winter.


You’ve taken excellent care of your lawn this fall, cleaning it up, aerating the soil, fertilizing and planting new grass. You’re expecting a vibrant spring ahead, but it’s important to know how to take care of your lawn in the winter! Read on for what you need to know.

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How to Take Care of Your Lawn in the Winter 

It may seem like your grass is dead as it turns brown or gets buried by snow in the coldest months of the year, but your lawn is just dormant for the season. Even though you might put your mower away for a while, it still requires regular care in anticipation of a green spring ahead. 

There are a few simple things to know about how to take care of your lawn in the winter. We will outline the most important ones here.


Give it a Final Trim Before the Snow Falls

Long grass can get tramped down by snow and become a frozen mat that blocks the light. This can lead to patches of dead grass that won’t grow back as thickly or as green next year. 

What’s more, animals like mice or other rodents may make long grasses home for the winter, digging burrows and doing damage to your lawn.

Best practice for winter lawn care is giving your grass a final mow to clear long grasses away before the first snowfall. In fact, gradually shortening grass to about 2 inches in anticipation of winter is best.

And don’t stop there. Grass and shrubs are still growing in winter and need regular maintenance, though they require a lot less than other times of the year. Talk to your landscape company about what regular winter maintenance looks like for your property.


Winter Yard Cleanup

Blowing winter winds and heavy rain or snow can litter your yard with sticks, branches, and debris. Anything that lies on your grass too long can cause dead spots that won’t grow back green come spring. Make sure your lawn is regularly cleaned up and cleared of debris.


Less Foot Traffic

Grass is a resilient plant, but winter conditions make it hard for anything to bounce back. Minimizing foot traffic on your yard during winter keeps the grass from getting tramped down and the soil compacted. This will allow for better growing conditions when your grass starts growing more actively in the spring. 

Other Winter Landscaping Services

Now that you know some of the basic important steps to take care of your lawn in the winter, talk to your landscaping company about other services that will keep your outdoor spaces healthy and looking their best throughout the year. Some examples of great winter landscaping care include:

  • Apply an anti-desiccant:

Anti-desiccants are most often used to protect broadleaf evergreens from harsh winter conditions. In the wintertime, evergreens can lose moisture from their leaves, and when the ground is frozen, they can’t replace it. An anti-desiccant will help retain the moisture in the plant to protect it.

  • Holiday Lighting and Seasonal Decorating:

Your landscaping company can bring beauty and festivity to your property with seasonal displays. Professional landscapers can successfully highlight your home’s architecture with a customized lighting display and colorful decorating.

  • Plan for Next Spring:

Winter is the perfect time to set things in motion for your big spring projects! 

You can stay cozy inside or next to your outdoor fireplace and let the professionals take charge of how to take care of your lawn in the winter. Borst Landscape & Design is a nationally recognized, award-winning, full-service landscaping company in Bergen County, New Jersey. Contact us today!

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Photo by Robbe Musschoot on Unsplash