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When you’re searching the web for landscape installation near me,” you might be surprised to find that landscaping features like a biodiverse garden can help reduce the number of pests on your property.

When the world wakes up from its winter nap, so do the pests. In Bergen County, the populations of ticks, fleas, and mosquitos have increased over the past few years. In addition to obnoxiously whirring in your ear, pests also carry illnesses such as Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Read on to find out how eco-conscious “landscape installation near me” can help to keep harmful insects at bay.

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A Green Approach to Pest Control

During backyard barbeques, the only thing you should be worried about is the patties burning, not swatting mosquitoes. Efforts as simple as mowing the lawn weekly can help reduce the number of harmful insects in your backyard. Although, your chances at an (almost) pest-free property increase with every additional measure taken.

  • Spring Cleaning Is For Your Lawn, Too — It’s important to remove yard debris from walkways, driveways, and patio areas periodically. Piles of rotting leaves, long-decayed woodpiles, and flower beds overgrown with weeds are all potential pest hideouts. Besides, landscape installations sure look better when they’re well looked after.
  • Don’t Panic! It’s Organic. — Borst’s Mosquito, Flea, & Tick Control utilizes a 100% organic Mosquito, Flea & Tick Spray. We’re proud to say that our environmentally-friendly product will cause no harm to species like honey bees or ladybugs, as the spray only affects soft-bodied insects like mosquitoes and aphids. Additionally, the spray is safe around ponds and streams where chemical-sensitive amphibians tend to live.

We fog all turf areas and gardens, as well as children’s play areas and under and around decks. The program includes 6 applications through the summer season.

Landscape Installation Near Me” Includes Defensive Landscaping

  • Give Your Shrub a Shave — It’s important to trim trees and shrubs whose limbs have grown too close to your home. Gangly branches can give rodents, squirrels, and other unwanted guests a leg up onto your roof — or worse yet, into your attic.

If you’re considering planting new trees, reach out to a professional at Borst to help you choose the right variety and planting location to best suit your home.

  • Build In Some Biodiversity — When left to its own devices, the natural world is rich in biodiversity (aka a wide variety of plants and flowers). Biodiversity promotes a balanced ecosystem that keeps pests in check. Better yet, there are even some plants that pests can’t stand.

Chrysanthemums for one are no friend to ticks, fleas, or Japanese beetles. Yet, to humans and pets, mums are just lovely flowers whose petals happen to make a great tea. Marigolds are triply beneficial — not only are they beautiful, but they protect the health of the soil, and deter flies as well! To learn more about “landscape installation near me” including pest-deterring plants, reach out to a member of the Borst team.

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