Landscape Lighting: A Good Idea for the Dark Winter Months

Looking for a way to make your home brighter this winter? Look no further than the landscape lighting installation services at Borst Landscape and Design. We can provide a variety of options to illuminate different features of your property with amazing results!

best front yard landscape design company in Bergen County, New JerseyCan you Install Landscape Lighting in the Winter?

This is an ideal time to install landscape lighting. With the days getting shorter, installing landscape lighting will illuminate your front entrance and driveway making your house brighter. Also if you’re worried about winter weather damaging your landscape lights, there is no need to worry. Our lights are designed to be resistant to the elements.

Why is the Winter Season a Good Time for Landscape Lighting?

There are a few reasons why winter is a good time for landscape lighting. First, the snow and ice of the winter can make your driveway and pathways slippery. Landscape lighting will illuminate those areas and prevent nasty falls. Also, many people get the winter blues when it’s time to put their festive holiday lights away. By using Borst’s landscape lighting design services, you can brighten up your house all year long. Finally, by investing in landscape lighting installation services now, you will have less to do in the spring and more time to enjoy your outdoor space.

best backyard landscape design company in Bergen County, New JerseyDoes Landscape Lighting Add Value?

Landscape lighting will definitely add value to your home. A recent survey found that 90 percent of homebuyers chose outdoor lighting as one of the most desirable exterior features of a house. In addition, the value of your property can increase by as much as 20 percent by adding landscape lighting. If you are selling your home, a beautifully lit walkway and soft lighting on your plants in the yard will attract buyers to your home and set your house apart. You can also use subtle lighting on your door if it is unique and this can be a showpiece for interested buyers.

Where should Landscape Lighting be Placed Around a House?

The landscape lighting installation services at Borst Landscape and Design can provide you with countless possibilities on how to illuminate areas around your home. Here are a few ideas:

  • Highlighting: Placing a light at the base of an object you want to feature such as a garden trellis or statue.
  • Silhouetting: Light from behind a landscape feature onto a wall or fence.
  • Shadowing: Using soft light to create multiple shadows of trees or bushes on a wall.
  • Washing: Flooding an area with light – Most often used on walls or rows of shrubs.
  • Up-lighting: Lighting an object from below.
  • Down-lighting: Hanging a spotlight above the ground and pointing it downwards to highlight a plant, object, or area.
  • Moonlighting: Placing lights in trees for a soft natural effect.
  • Path Lighting: Lighting a path especially near steps.
  • Pools or Spas: Lights placed no more than 12 inches below the surface to showcase the beauty of the water.

best backyard landscape design company in Bergen County, New JerseyWhat Features should Landscape Lighting Emphasize?

Borst Landscape and Design has experts in landscape lighting design services. They often emphasize the importance of highlighting the following features when planning your lighting:

  • Buildings: The height of the house will determine the amount of lighting needed. You can place lights low towards the ground, or high above, depending on the preferred effect.
  • Trees and Bushes: You may need multiple lights for densely planted trees. Shrubs and bushes may only need a section of lighting.
  • Flower Beds: Low voltage lights allow just enough light to show off the beauty of your flowers.
  • Lawn Decorations: You can highlight any unique features such as statues, flag poles, birdbaths, etc.
  • Fences and Pathways: To light a clear path or highlight flowers along a wall.
  • Patios & Decks: By keeping these areas well-lit, you can enjoy more quality time reading or socializing with family into the evening hours.
    Swimming Pools and Ponds: Important for safety reasons, lighting also allows you to enjoy the natural beauty of fish and waterfalls.

What is the Best Outdoor Landscape Lighting?

The best landscape lighting is the low voltage which is safer and less expensive to install. They can provide a range of interesting effects from a moonlight effect beamed down from a tree canopy to a soft glow illuminating a low garden wall. By choosing the landscape lighting design services at Borst Landscape and Design, you are choosing quality products and professionals experienced in the artistry of highlighting the unique features of your property.

Why call Borst Landscape and Design for Landscape Lighting Installation Services?

At Borst Landscape and Design, our team of landscape lighting installation service professionals offers expertise, award-winning services, and quality work. We are proud to retain the vast majority of our employees, ensuring clients a consistently high level of service. Contact Borst Landscape and Design today and let landscape lighting add safety, beauty, and value to your property.