Landscape Maintenance Services in Bergen County

Landscape Maintenance Services in Bergen County, NJAs a homeowner in Bergen County, New Jersey, you can benefit from professional landscape maintenance services for your home. If you want to keep your yard looking its best year-round, take a closer look at hiring a professional landscape company.

Keeping a beautiful healthy lawn and landscape is important to your home’s property value.

It takes time, energy and resources to maintain a well-manicured property, but the results of proper landscape maintenance add tremendous curb appeal to your home.

Do You Need Help With Your Landscape?

Landscape Maintenance Services in Bergen County, NJ

  • Does your landscape create a beautiful outdoor environment for your home?
  • Do you want to spend time outdoors with family and friends?
  • Does your landscape provide adequate privacy and security for your home?
  • Do you have overgrown trees, shrubs or plants?
  • Does your yard lack color?
  • Does your yard have brown spots or bare patches?
  • Does your lawn contain weeds?
  • Do you have dead trees, shrubs or plants?
  • Do you see signs of pests, insects or disease?

If you need a solution to these landscape problems, you could benefit from professional landscape maintenance services for your northern New Jersey home.

What Maintenance Services Are Provided?

Landscape Maintenance Services in Bergen County, NJ

When you hire a landscape maintenance company to take care of your yard, you can spend more time with family and friends. Forget about buying expensive lawn equipment and products to maintain a beautiful yard. Let the experts keep your yard in tip-top shape year-round.

Professionally trained crews provide weekly maintenance service for your home. Typical services include:

  • Weekly lawn mowing.
  • Weeding.
  • Border edging.
  • Cleaning driveways, walkways and pathways.
  • Spring cleanup of debris and dead winter growth.
  • Fall cleanup of debris and preparation for winter.

Additional services are available by expert technicians. These services typically include:

  • New planting for small plants and foliage.
  • Adding mulch.
  • Lawn renovations.
  • Pruning trees and shrubs.

What Landscape Maintenance Services Do You Need?

Landscape Maintenance Services in Bergen County, NJ

The services you need depend on your existing property conditions and your personal wants and needs for your landscape. In addition to weekly maintenance services, a landscape maintenance company can assist you with many other features to create a well-designed landscape. Other services can  include:

  • Create a Complete Landscape Design – Create a landscape design that may include new trees and plants, garden areas and decorative walkways or pathways.
  • Create a Budget for New Landscaping – Create a feasible budget for providing new landscaping and landscape features throughout the yard.
  • Grade and Re-slope Existing Landscape – Provide grading or re-sloping for pools, spas, outdoor patios and terraces and new plant areas.
  • Clear Land and Clean Up Debris – Provide cleanup of seasonal debris such as fallen limbs, dead shrubs and excess leaves.
  • Install Outdoor Lighting – Install exterior lighting that includes outdoor spots, accents, pathway lights and motion detectors.

A well-designed landscape should create a good balance, depth and interesting details for your home. You can add special features to your landscape that create visual interest and atmosphere to your yard.

Organic Lawn Care

Landscape Maintenance Services in Bergen County, NJ

Landscape maintenance services also include organic lawn care for your northern NJ home. Organic lawn care and tree care is a great way to provide a safe chemical-free environment for your family and pets. It also promotes green living that protects our environment from toxic fumes and harmful chemicals that are spilled into the earth and atmosphere.

Organic lawn care promotes natural aeration that creates root growth in your lawn and plants. It helps to naturally control thatch growth by improving soil conditions with added micro-nutrients. Custom mixtures of organic nutrients and soil conditioners promote healthy plant root systems, increase plant stability and add resistance to disease and insects. Organic lawn care is one way to practice a healthy green lifestyle.

Organic Tree and Shrub Care

Landscape Maintenance Services in Bergen County, NJ

Your trees and shrubs need care just like your lawn. Proper fertilization is essential to healthy trees, shrubs and plants. An organic deep-root fertilizer will add nutrients to your existing soil to aid in plant growth and healthy root systems. Trees and plants that are healthy with stable root systems grow faster and are less susceptible to insects, fungus and disease. They are stronger and can tolerate environmental stress much better than plants that are weak or malnourished. Organic tree and shrub maintenance services should include Spring, Summer and Fall applications for best results.

Organic tree and shrub landscape maintenance services in Bergen County can include the following:

  • Natural organic feeding.
  • Deep root soil conditioning.
  • Shrub deep root feeding.
  • Folier disease and insect control.
  • Mite and scale control.
  • Borer-Weevil control.
  • Winter overcoat proactive antitranspirants.
  • Pruning.

Organic tree and shrub care will keep your trees and plants healthy, green and strong throughout the entire year. Regular maintenance should include Spring, Summer and Fall care to keep your lawn, trees and shrubs chemical-free and pest-free. Organic lawn care will provide a safe environment for your family and pets and protect the environment from harmful gases and toxins that pollute our air and soil. Organic lawn and tree care is the way to create a healthy green lifestyle for your family.

A pest management program offers regular inspections of your trees and plants to check for insects and diseases and take appropriate treatments measures. Visits will include reports that let you know the condition of your trees and plants and what treatments are done.

Tree pruning services throughout the season will ensure healthy trees and shrubs all year. This will help trees and shrubs survive the winter months and promote new growth in the Spring. Proper pruning provides a natural appearance to trees and foliage and creates sturdy healthy plants.

Landscape maintenance services in Bergen County are an important part of keeping your landscape beautiful and healthy all year. Proper care and regular maintenance is the best way to keep your lawn and landscape free from disease and insects that cause harm. Think about the maintenance services you want or need and talk to a professional landscape company about landscape maintenance services for your home.