Why Use a Landscaping Company for Your Holiday Lighting Installation?

holiday lighting installation

Your holiday lighting installation is in the best hands with the landscaping company you trust


Nothing says it’s time for the holidays like the twinkle of festive lights.  Holiday lighting can add warmth to the coldest New Jersey night and bring out the neighbors for an appreciative stroll. You have a vision for a stunning display. But the holidays can also be one of the busiest times of the year and full of stresses. 

Why not take the worry out of the equation — and save a lot of time — with professional holiday lighting installation? We’ll give you some reasons why a landscaping company may be your best choice for bringing your vision to life. 

At Borst Landscape & Design, we are your Bergen County landscape lighting professionals. We understand how lighting up a landscape can dramatically alter the look and feel of a home. We will bring our expertise at enhancing the outdoor beauty of your home to your holiday lights and craft a customized display for your home. 

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Why use a landscaping company for your holiday lighting installation?

Holiday lighting installation is not just one more time-consuming thing to do in winter’s busiest season. It can be dangerous, and hard to get right. You have a vision for a stunning coordinated lighting display that will bring that certain magic sparkle to your home. But you need knowledge of how lighting systems work, what kind of energy they consume, and how to use them to the best effect. 

Professional landscapers can successfully highlight your home’s architecture with your customized lighting display. They will take the big-picture of your landscaping into account, and consider your electrical system, wattage, and energy use. Your landscaping company understands light and how it works to best highlight the features of your home. 

If you have any existing lighting systems for safety or to enhance your outdoor spaces, your landscapers will take that into account when designing your holiday displays. You can trust them to have the best equipment and a thorough understanding of safety.

Just as you trust them to maintain your yard and gardens all year-round, you can leave your holiday lighting installation to the professionals while you enjoy all the holidays have to offer — the joy, the music, the cookies, the parties! 

And when it’s all over, your holiday lighting will be taken down and packed away while you are free to move on to dreaming of Spring.

Borst for all your outdoor lighting needs

Borst has trained and licensed electricians to provide landscape lighting installation services anywhere on your property. From holiday displays to lighting your front walkway or highlighting trees or architectural features in your landscape, our lighting installers can handle the job. 

Winter’s darkest hours can be made brighter and more cheerful with intentional lighting in your outdoor spaces, even after the holiday displays are done. 

Many years of experience offering outdoor landscape lighting services have given our firm a unique understanding of outdoor lighting and design. 

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Photo by Mourad Saadi on Unsplash