What Will Landscaping Cost in Bergen County, NJ

landscaping cost in Bergen CountyLandscaping costs can vary greatly based on the services provided and who does the work.

There are a number of people who provide landscaping services in northern New Jersey, but they don’t all provide the same services at the same prices.

Before you can accurately determine your landscaping cost in Bergen County, you must decide on the services you need for your home and find a reputable landscape contractor to handle them.

Determine The Services You Need

First, take a good look at your current landscape conditions to assess your needs. There may be some things you like about your landscape and other things you want to change. Here’s some questions you can ask yourself to narrow down your needs:

1. Is your landscape in good condition?

If your existing landscape is in good condition and looks beautiful already, perhaps you just need weekly landscape maintenance services. If you’re front or back yard needs some work with overgrown trees and shrubs, getting rid of weeds or clearing away debris, your landscaping cost in Bergen County will be higher.

  • Landscape Grading – If you need landscape grading to renovate your lawn or to install a pool or patio, you must hire a professional landscape contractor with proper knowledge and equipment to handle the job. The job needs to be done quickly to prevent the possibility of improper drainage and standing water that can cause damage to your home’s foundation.
  • Clearing Land – Cutting down dead or diseased trees is no job for an amateur. Large trees can fall causing damage to your home, cars and even your neighbor’s property. You should hire a professional landscape contractor to handle any land clearing that needs to be done.

landscaping cost in Bergen County

2. Do you want to add new plants to your landscape?

Perhaps you want to get rid of a row of hedges that’s been there for years and replace it with a flower garden that will add color to your landscape. Maybe now is the time to add fruit trees or flowering shrubs in your back yard or border plants around the patio.

  • Garden Design – If you want a beautiful flower garden with plants that will bloom and provide color year-round, a professional landscape contractor can help you create it. Many landscape companies have specialists who are educated in horticulture and they can provide expert assistance in garden design and garden maintenance.

Design and Planting Services

  • Annual and perennial gardens
  • Containers and window-boxes
  • Bulb plantings
  • Garden renovations
  • Seasonal displays and plantings
  • Holiday lighting and decorating

Garden Maintenance Services:

  • Spring garden cleanup
  • Fall pruning for removal of dead flowers
  • Weeding and cultivating for garden beds
  • Garden fertilizing for annuals and perennials
  • Garden disease and insect control

landscaping cost in Bergen County

3. Would you like to have a chemical-free landscape?

Organic lawn care is a viable option for today’s homeowners. It’s a great way to create an outdoor environment that’s completely safe for your family and pets. There are landscape companies who work with organic fertilizers, soil nutrients and pesticides to keep your landscape naturally healthy and safe. Although organic lawn care may increase your landscaping cost in Bergen County, creating a safe environment for your home may be well worth additional costs. Talk to a landscape contractor who deals with organic lawn care to discuss the possibilities for your home.

4. Do you want a landscape that will use less water?

In today’s economy, most homeowners are very interested in ways to conserve energy and reduce home utility costs. Green living is a popular lifestyle today for homeowners across the country. Putting in the right type of lawn and plants in your landscape can conserve water and create less lawn maintenance. If you’re interested in learning more about energy conservation and green living, talk to your Bergen County landscape contractor about ways to do this with your home’s landscape.

landscaping cost in Bergen County

5. Would you like to add special features to your yard?

A qualified landscape contractor can do a lot more than just maintain your yard. Most professional landscape contractors are well-trained in design/build services to offer valuable home features for your landscape. Here are some of your options:

  • Swimming pools, outdoor spas and hot tubs
  • Backyard ponds
  • Outdoor fountains and waterfalls
  • Outdoor patios and terraces
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits
  • Outdoor walkways and pathways
  • Driveways
  • Outdoor privacy fences
  • Outdoor landscape lighting
  • Retaining walls
  • French drains

Adding special outdoor features to your landscape will certainly impact your landscaping costs in Bergen County, but they will add years of enjoyment for your family and increase your home’s property value.

landscaping cost in Bergen County

The landscape services and the landscape contractor you choose for your home will impact your landscaping cost in Bergen County. If you just want basic landscape maintenance services, your costs won’t be too, but adding other services and features to your home will increase your costs. Determine which services you need and talk to a professional landscape contractor to get an accurate landscaping cost in Bergen County.