Understanding Landscaping Price Estimates in Bergen County, NJ

Landscaping Price EstimatesIf you’re thinking about hiring a landscape contractor for your home, you’re probably talking to various people in your area about services and prices.

Trying to find the right contractor with the right qualifications and affordable landscaping price estimates can start to feel like a complicated and overwhelming task.

When you’re hiring a professional landscaping service, it’s important to hire a qualified professional that can handle the job with your your needs and budget in mind. Landscaping services can be as simple as weekly yard maintenance and gardening or include a variety of other services. Gathering estimates and comparing services and prices can be difficult since estimates can read very differently from one company to another. Here are some tips for understanding landscaping price estimates in Bergen County, NJ that will help you know what services you’re getting and how much you’re paying.

General landscaping costs can range from $5,000 to $150,000 depending on the services provided, so it helps to narrow down the costs by deciding what service you need. Here are some basic factors that will impact your landscaping price estimates:

  • Your location
  • The size of your property
  • The condition of your existing landscape
  • Yard cleanup and debris removal
  • Services you choose
  • Materials and plants you choose
  • Design/build services
  • Costs of materials
  • Labor and installation costs

Landscaping Price EstimatesBefore you hire a professional landscape contractor, determine your needs. Ask yourself these questions to find out what you really want from your landscape.

  • Do you want to create a beautiful outdoor environment for your home?
  • Do you want to add curb appeal?
  • Does your landscape provide adequate privacy and security?
  • Do you have overgrown trees, shrubs and plants that need attention?
  • Do you have brown spots and bare patches in your yard?
  • Do you need to get rid of weeds?
  • Would you like to add more color with flowers and plants?

Once you determine you landscaping goals, have a professional landscape contractor come to your Bergen County home to discuss your needs. Discuss your budget openly so they can help you understand the landscape possibilities within your budget. The contractor will be able to take a good look around your property, make suggestions for ideas and services and give you landscaping price estimates. Before making a final decision, it’s a good idea to get at least three estimates to compare services and prices.

xLandscaping Price EstimatesBreaking Down Your Estimate

Whether your landscaping needs are small or large, ask your contractor to break down the estimate so it’s easier to understand with separate prices for materials, labor and installation. If your needs require multiple projects, you can get a separate estimate for each project with the same breakdown. This will make your landscaping price estimates much clearer so you can compare other estimates easier.

  • Materials – Depending on the work you’re doing, materials can include new sod or seed, plants and flowers, mulch, fertilizer, soil,nutrients and bark chips. If you’re building something, materials will include any and all materials necessary to complete the project. Landscaping price estimates can vary greatly based on the building materials you choose.
  • Labor – Labor costs include the cost for necessary time to complete the work. Labor costs can be quoted in hourly charges per worker or a lump sum charge for the entire job. If your estimate is based on hourly charges per worker, make sure you know how many workers and the required total hours necessary to complete the job.
  • Installation – Sometimes estimates lump labor and installation charges together, but separate them if possible. There may be additional charges for installation that have nothing to do with labor costs.

Landscaping Price EstimatesWhat Services Do Landscape Contractors Provide?

Professional trained crews can provide weekly landscape services that include:

  • weekly lawn mowing and maintenance
  • weeding
  • feeding, fertilizing and mulching
  • new planting for trees, shrubs and flowers
  • border edging
  • tree pruning
  • cleaning driveways, walkways and pathways
  • Spring cleanup with removal of debris and dead winter growth
  • Fall cleanup with removal of debris and preparation for winter
  • lawn renovations
  • irrigation systems

In addition to basic landscaping services, professional landscaping contractors can also provide many services that you may not be aware of. Many landscape contractors have educational and professional backgrounds in horticulture or landscape architecture. They are well-trained and skilled to provide many other valuable services for your home:

  • swimming pools
  • outdoor spas or hot tubs
  • outdoor ponds
  • outdoor fountains and waterfalls
  • outdoor patios, decks and terraces
  • outdoor kitchens
  • outdoor fireplaces and fire pits
  • outdoor walkways and pathways
  • driveways
  • outdoor lighting and landscape lighting

Landscaping Price EstimatesIf you’re interested in these valuable outdoor home features, talk to your Bergen County landscape contractor about giving you landscaping price estimates on the features you want to add to your home. A good professional contractor will be more than willing to help you with design, materials and prices that enhance your home within your budget needs. They can help you select materials that will work best for your home and landscape.

If you’re thinking about professional landscape services for your home, determine your needs, meet with a reputable landscape contractor and get landscaping price estimates. Break your estimates down into three sections – materials, labor and installation. A clear understanding of services and prices will help you make an informed decision for your landscaping needs and lead you to the right landscape contractor.

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