Lawn Tick Control That’s Truly Safe for You and Your Pets

lawn tick control

Lawn Tick Control From Borst Does The Job Without Harming the Environment, or The Ones You Love

You may associate tick bites with the great outdoors but the truth is they can bite right in your own backyard. If your family or furry companions spend a lot of time outdoors, it’s time to consider lawn tick control to keep these biting bugs at bay. 

Tick bites aren’t just a nuisance—they are uncomfortable for you and your pet alike. They can get irritated and even infected. Plus, ticks can carry serious diseases and pathogens. You know that you need to eradicate ticks from your yard but you are rightly concerned about the effect of pesticides on the ones you love. 

It’s time to call the professionals. Borst Landscape & Design offers Integrated Pest Management. Our natural pest control solutions avoid dangerous synthetic chemical insecticides and pesticides. Instead, we work with natural soil and environmental conditions to stop pests. 

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Ticks are a real danger

Did you know that sixteen distinct species of ticks have been identified in New Jersey? Among these, it’s the tiny deer tick, also called the black-legged tick, that poses the worst danger to those it bites. The deer tick nymph, at the size of a poppy seed, has the best chance of going undiscovered after biting you or your pet, and that’s why most tick borne diseases like Lyme Disease are contracted through the bites of immature ticks.

You need to form a line of defense for your yard that keeps your loved ones from exposure to these tiny but dangerous pests with lawn tick control.

Unlike the harmful synthetic chemicals many pest-control companies rely on, Borst works to create a natural balance in your landscape with organic pest control products. Our lawn tick control treatment is effective while protecting beneficial insects, your family and the environment. 

Organic lawn tick control from Borst

When it comes to your outdoor spaces, you want the best, most effective care, but you also want the best for your family and pets. 

Borst’s Organic Mosquito, Flea & Tick Spray is an all-natural pest management solution that effectively eradicates ticks from your lawn without harmful chemical pesticides. How do we do it? You receive six applications from May to October. We fog all turf areas, flower beds, children’s play areas, under and around decks, and all plant material where ticks and other pests might hide and breed. Our lawn tick control is customized for your unique property.

Borst’s all-natural sprays do no harm to beneficial insects like honey bees or ladybugs that you want to welcome to your garden spaces. Our treatments are also safe around ponds and streams. 

Borst has the experience you can count on to eradicate ticks and other pests in an environmentally friendly way. We recommend taking a holistic, fully integrative approach to your lawn tick control. In addition to our organic spray treatments, we recommend incorporating pest-repellent landscaping and regular lawn care as effective measures.

Call us today at  (201) 989-0902, or reach us online. Don’t let ticks ruin your love of your outdoor spaces this summer.

Photo by Erik Karits on Unsplash