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Natural and Effective NJ Deer Control From Borst Will Keep Bambi at Bay

Deer in the wild captivate us with their grace, their long-lashed eyes, and gentle silhouette. But deer in your yard are another story altogether. Deer are browsers and that means they tend to nibble on tender plants and young trees. You may think that a few deer wandering through your yard and gardens amounts to a picturesque nuisance (until they chomp your favorite flowers), but they can be voracious, eating everything in sight. It’s time to look to Borst for NJ deer control!

You don’t have to rely on synthetic solutions or unsightly motion-activated deterrents to stop deer from turning your landscaping into a buffet. Borst has over 30 years of experience in Bergen County, bringing natural and organic methods to landscape maintenance. We’ll work with nature to control the uninvited dinner guests in your garden. Give us a call at (201) 581-8076, or contact us online.  

Tips for Natural NJ Deer Control

Deer in your yard can mean disaster for some of your yummiest plants. But with knowledge of their habits, you can prevent your flowers, hostas or veggies from becoming lunch. You can use protective plants and thoughtful planting for your NJ deer control. 

Read more for some ideas of how to deter deer the natural way in New Jersey.

Keep favorites close

Work with your landscape designer to make sure you plant favorites close to the house.  With your most beloved plants nearby, you can appreciate their beauty and keep a close eye on their growth. If deer wander by, you will be more likely to see them and shoo them off. 

Plus deer fear people and won’t come as near to your home. Your favorite plants will be safer close by than if they are scattered around your yard. And deer will be wary of approaching if people tend to be near.

Deer control through pungent planting

Did you know that you can plant strong-smelling perennials and herbs to mask the scent of deer’s favorite nibbles? What may be a delightful scent to you  –  fresh mint, lavender, rosemary, sage, garlic, or chives  – can actually be an aroma deer hate. Likewise, many flowers that give off a strong, heavenly scent, like peonies, are just too much for deer. Consider interplanting these throughout your garden to deter them. 

If you want to read about plants that are actually resistant to deer, check out this list of landscape plants from Rutgers. Then talk to us about how to effectively use them in your landscaping for NJ deer control!

Try a natural barrier

Deer prefer tender shoots and particularly like the new growth of spring to dine upon. You can stop deer with a barrier of thorny or prickly plants, or fuzzy-textured plants deer dislike, like lambs ear. 

Likewise, you might consider thorny hedges. Even thick hedges around the borders of the garden keep deer away because they can’t see what’s on the menu. 

Landscape with levels and maintain your gardens for deer control

Deer don’t climb well, so using levels in your landscape design, like terraces or sunken gardens, can keep them from attempting to reach your plants. 

Maintaining your yard by trimming or mowing tall grasses can prevent deer from bedding down.

And harvesting fruit as soon as it’s ripe can help limit their snacking opportunities (while increasing your own)! 

Thoughtful planting and maintenance of your landscaping can go far when it comes to deer control. Borst has over 30 years of experience offering award-winning, full-service landscaping in Bergen County. If you’re looking for deer control in NJ, call a Borst professional today at (201) 581-8076, or use our easy online contact form.

Photo by Yann Lerjen on Unsplash