Organic Lawn Care Services in Bergen County, NJ

Choosing an organic lawn care service is an increasingly popular option for Bergen County homeowners. Borst Landscape’s methods always work in concert with nature, but going organic is about more than the green grass you’ll see on the surface. Organic methods take the whole health of your lawn and garden into consideration.

It’s also a way of looking out for the health of the community by keeping chemical fertilizers and pesticides out of water supplies and soil. It’s better for your family, your pets, and your lawn. Many chemicals used commonly on lawns actually kill essential organisms in your soil and grass, and damage your New Jersey lawn.

The Root of the Problem

Grass that looks great on the surface may be lacking a strong and vigorous root system. Chemicals can hit the visible parts of your lawn and make temporary improvements in the health of your yard, but getting at the roots and soil are the only way to have lasting and effective results. The stronger your root system is the fewer weeds you will have.

The Big Picture – How It’s Done

  • Natural aeration

  • Root stimulation

  • Natural thatch control

  • Secondary nutrients that stimulate good growth and discourage unwanted growth

The Foundation of Your Lawn – Your Soil

Healthy soil is alive with biological organisms that support healthy growth. Chemicals can kill off the organisms that balance your soil and prevent weed growth. Organic lawn care service will keep everything in check and increase resistance to disease and stress tolerance.

Where to Start

Testing your soil is an important element in lawn care. Knowing the balance of minerals and acidity help you understand what your soil needs and what kinds of organic products will best benefit your lawn. Get help from a qualified northern New Jersey lawn care company that understands the climate and soil conditioning needs.

Organic Lawn Care: Costs vs. the Benefits

It may seem expensive to begin organic lawn care, and up front the costs may seem higher than using chemicals. Organic health is a whole lawn system that builds up the health of your lawn, and it may take a little bit of work to get you to the healthiest level.

The long-term benefits far outweigh the up front costs. Vigorous growth in your grass and other plants will limit weed growth, and you will use less fertilizers and need less maintenance. Organic lawn care in northern New Jersey is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

At first weeds may crop up and grass may not seem as green as you would like. As soil is balanced and microbes are developed to a healthy balance you will notice a dramatic improvement. It may take a year to get there, but it’s worth the wait not to have to do so much maintenance down the road.

Getting the Bugs Out

Pesticides are some of the most necessary and most detrimental agents there are. Borst Landscape & Design’s Organic Fertilization System is designed to cut down on the use of chemicals, and target problem areas rather than blanketing your yard with pesticides. Good organic care only uses the amount of chemicals absolutely necessary, and only on the areas where they are really needed.

With the pests under control your lawn will be greener and healthier than ever. You can then begin to integrate shrubs and other plants native to Bergen County. These will grow well in your conditioned soil and add beauty without a lot of maintenance. Organic lawn care service is a great way to go green – literally!

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