Outdoor Patio Fireplaces in Bergen County, NJ

In Bergen County, the evenings can get a bit chilly even during the summer. An outdoor patio fireplace is ideal for allowing you to enjoy those cool evening.

Outdoor fireplaces create a warm and inviting area, making them nice to use when entertaining. If you’ve been considering one of these fireplaces, Borst Landscape & Design can help you with the planning and construction of it.

Outdoor Fireplace Design Options

The sky is the limit when it comes to design options. You can choose a fireplace that has a traditional mantle much like an indoor unit would. Other features such as a stone hearth or fireplace insert can easily be added as well. When creating the design, there are a few things you need to consider including:

  • Size-are you limited by the amount of space or local building ordinances?

  • Safety-your fireplace should ideally be surrounded by a concrete, brick or stone patio so that sparks do not cause a fire

  • Waterproof-the entire structure needs to be waterproof, which is why using wood to build one is not recommended

  • Purpose-will the outdoor patio fireplace be used as part of a kitchen? If so, you may want to add special grates so that you can use it for cooking

Making it a Centerpiece

Your outdoor patio fireplace will be a place for friends and family to gather and spend time together. For this reason, you should consider it as the focal point for your NJ landscape whenever you are planning it. Your fireplace should enhance your landscape but not compete with it. If you have a retaining wall or a flower garden in your backyard, you’ll want to use material that complements those used in their construction. Add a few potted plants to either side of the fireplace to soften it a bit while also helping the different garden areas flow together more easily.

Seating Area

Another concern with an outdoor patio fireplace is seating. Arranging seating in a “u” pattern or semi-circle will ensure everyone can enjoy the warmth of the fire while also helping to stimulate conversation. If the fireplace area will also be used for dining, try to arrange the table so that the view from the fire will not be blocked by those who are sitting closest to it. One way this can be done is by putting a picnic table in the space and placing one of the open ends toward the fireplace.

Outdoor Fireplace Landscaping in NJ

An outdoor fireplace in northern New Jersey can still be enhanced with plants; however, doing so will require some careful planning. Some things to consider when choosing plants for your fireplace area include:

  • Flammability-in order to reduce the odds of fire, plants should be placed at least five to ten feet away

  • Dry Soil-plants that need a constantly moist soil may not work well here if you use the fireplace often since the heat from it could keep it very dry.

  • Shade-if your fireplace is partially covered, be sure to choose plants that will thrive well in the shade. You could also have skylights installed to let some natural sunlight in.

An outdoor patio fireplace can help you enjoy the backyard of your Bergen County, NJ home more. When it comes to designing and building this structure, turn to Borst Landscape & Design to help you with all your needs.