Planting Grass Seed in Fall is Best!

planting grass seed in fall

Ensure your lawn is gorgeous next Spring by planting grass seed in Fall with Borst

Planting grass seed in Fall is a great way to ensure a lush and happy lawn next Spring! Late Summer to early Fall is the best time of the year to plant grass seed in New Jersey. Why? 

Because soil and air temperatures are still warm enough and rainfall tends to increase this time of year. Plus you’ve made it through the heat and potential droughts of summer that can be huge stressors for plants. That’s why mid-August to early October is considered an optimal time for planting grass seed. 

The seed has enough time to germinate and become happy baby grass before it has to go dormant for the winter.

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Fall grass seeding: it’s not just for damaged lawns

Even the most well-maintained lawns often have a trouble spot where they need a little extra care. In fact, at Borst, we recommend that you overseed your lawn every year, even if it’s not damaged. 

Overseeding is the process of spreading grass seed on established turf. We have over 30 years of experience keeping lawns lush and healthy in NJ. We know that as grass plants get older they can lose thickness. Overseeding fills in thin spots and prevents weeds from sprouting. A lush, thick lawn is best.

Take advantage of the optimal growing conditions of Fall and rest easy all Winter knowing that your lawn will grow in lush next Spring. 

If you miss the ideal window, dormant seeding later in the Fall can be a great choice as well. It’s called dormant seeding because the grass seed will hibernate through the frozen months and grow in as temperatures warm, along with your established turf. 

Not all seed is the same

Selecting the right seed mix is crucial. Like any plant, grasses have different needs that must be met for their health and growth. Some varieties tolerate shade while others do not, and the make-up of your soil is a condition that needs to be considered too. Grasses even vary in temperature tolerance and how much water they require. 

While most seed mixtures contain more than one species of grass so they can accommodate multiple growing conditions, it is best to consult a landscape professional to make sure your grass will be happy with the unique conditions of your yard!

Other considerations when planting grass seed 

There are other things to keep in mind when planting grass seed in Fall. Soil preparation, ensuring seeding at the right depth for successful germination, proper mulching and watering are also critical to the survival of your grass. Working with the award-winning team at Borst lets you put your feet up and sit with confidence that the job will be done right. 

From soil testing to planting, to our all-natural fertilization techniques, to our lawn maintenance services, working with our expert team is the best way to be confident that your lawn will be lush and green for years to come. 

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Photo by Linus Lorentzen on Unsplash