Plants That Keep Deer Away and Other Natural Deer Deterrent Tips

plants that keep deer away

Using plants that keep deer away is an important part of deer-deterrent landscaping. We’ll tell you more about it here.


You don’t have to rely on synthetic solutions or unsightly motion-activated deterrents to stop deer from destroying your gardens. There are actually plants that keep deer away and other natural methods to make your landscape uninviting to them.

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Plants that keep deer away

There are a range of plants that keep deer away for various reasons, because of their natural properties. Deer tend to like tender plants, so prickly and fuzzy leaves can be unattractive to them. Deer also tend to shy from strong scents. And there are even plants that are deer resistant. Keep reading for more information about these natural ways to send deer a message that your landscaping is not a place they want to dine. 

Deter deer with texture

Deer prefer tender shoots and particularly seek out the new growth of spring. You can stop deer from reaching more delicate plantings by growing a barrier of thorny or prickly plants, or fuzzy-textured plants deer dislike to eat, like lambs ear. Many of the plants that keep deer away are quite attractive and worthy of your gardens. 

Likewise, you might consider growing thorny hedges. Hedges around the borders of the garden keep deer away by blocking their ability to see tasty plants they might be interested in.

Deter deer with scent

In addition to warding deer off with the texture of plants, you can plant strong-smelling perennials and herbs to mask the scent of deer’s favorite eats. Plants we tend to enjoy for their appearance and their scent, like fresh mint, lavender, rosemary, sage, garlic, and chives produce an aroma deer tend to avoid. 

In addition, many favorite flowers that give off a strong scent, such as peonies, are unattractive to deer. Consider interplanting these scent-producing plants throughout your garden to deter them. 

Resistant plants

There are many attractive plants that make great choices for a yard where deer are frequent visitors, because of their resistance to deer damage. Bulbs like crocuses and bluebells, shrubs like barberry and butterfly bush, and a wide variety of both annual and perennial plants are highly resistant to damage from deer.  Talk to your landscaping company about how to effectively use them in your landscaping!

Landscaping for deer control

In addition to using plants that keep deer away in your gardening, there are other ways to landscape in a way that can make your property less inviting to them. Deer don’t climb well, so using levels in your landscape design, like terraces or sunken gardens, can keep them from attempting to reach your plants. 

Likewise, maintaining your yard by trimming or mowing tall grasses can prevent deer from bedding down.

And harvesting fruit as soon as it’s ripe can help limit their snacking opportunities so they don’t associate your yard with delicious treats. 

Partner with the best

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Photo by Anton Marchuk on Unsplash