10 Benefits of Professional Lawn Maintenance in NJ

Like most Northern New Jersey homeowners, you probably have a busy lifestyle that leaves little time for lawn care.

Regular lawn care and maintenance takes time and effort and requires a year-round commitment to keep a well-maintained lawn. Hiring a landscape company that handles professional lawn maintenance in NJ is the perfect solution for a beautiful lawn.

DIY lawn care and regular maintenance is an overwhelming task for most homeowners.

Whether the lawn is small or large, keeping grass, plants, shrubs and trees healthy and green takes knowledge and experience in plant care and maintenance procedures.

Professional lawn maintenance in NJ provides numerous benefits that DIY lawn care just can’t match.

In case you are still unsure of the benefits to be had by switching over to a professional lawn service, here are 10 valid reasons that should change your mind.

1. Regular Lawn Services

One of the biggest advantages of professional lawn care is the consistency of regular services.

When you hire a reputable landscape company to provide professional lawn maintenance in NJ, you can be sure that lawn care services will be regular and prompt.

Typically, a crew is assigned to your home on a weekly basis. They will take care of your lawn care and maintenance needs as scheduled per your contract agreement terms.

Regular lawn care and maintenance services usually include:

  • Weekly lawn mowing
  • Weeding
  • Border edging for driveways, walkways and patio areas
  • Cleaning of driveways, walkways and patio areas
  • Spring yard cleanup to remove dead winter growth and debris
  • Fall yard cleanup to remove summer debris and prepare for winter

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2. A Healthier Lawn

DIY lawn care usually includes basic care like mowing and watering, but a healthy lawn requires much more.

Keeping your lawn healthy and green year-round requires attention to landscape details that can signal potential problems.

Quality lawn care requires knowledge and skill about proper mowing techniques, soil types, plant growth patterns, climate and light conditions, feeding and pruning schedules and  proper lawn care products for your existing lawn and landscape conditions.

As a DIY lawn care provider, you can’t possibly compete with the quality lawn care that a professional provides.

Many landscape contractors have educational backgrounds in landscape architecture or horticulture, so their knowledge and experience in lawn and plant care is quite diverse.

3. Curb Appeal

Your lawn and landscape has a big impact on your home’s appearance and curb appeal.

A well-maintained lawn adds beauty and character to your home, creates an inviting entrance and increases property values. An ill-maintained lawn and landscape with weeds and overgrown shrubs and trees will quickly ruin your home’s curb appeal and decrease property values.

If you plan to sell your home, professional lawn maintenance in NJ can create a front and back yard that attracts potential buyers and raises your home’s selling price.

It will also boost sales prices in your community by adding beauty and well-kept ambiance to your neighborhood.

Your neighbors will appreciate your attention to professional lawn maintenance in NJ.

professional lawn maintenance nj

4. Professional Knowledge

Professional landscape contractors have a diverse knowledge of lawn care products and procedures that are essential to keeping your lawn beautiful and healthy.

Unless you’re prepared to spend your time educating yourself on various lawn care procedures, it’s best to hire a professional lawn care company that understands the advantages and disadvantages of different lawn care products and procedures.

Your lawn’s overall health and appearance depends on professional landscape knowledge and quality care for important lawn care services such as:

  • Planting – There’s a wide variety of grasses, plants, shrubs and trees, so it’s important to plant the right type for your soil and climate conditions. Choosing the wrong grass sod or variety of plants, shrubs and trees can result in poor growth, bare spots, weeds, plant diseases and insects. Professional landscape contractors understand plant requirements and can select the proper varieties for your Northern NJ home.
  • Fertilization – Most soils are not fertile enough to supply necessary nutrients to your lawn. The soil in most areas is depleted of adequate amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium required to keep your lawn green and healthy. Fertilizers must be added to promote strong roots and healthy growth, but the right fertilizer must be used to prevent brown patches, “grass burns”and dead grass.
  • Mulching – Mulching is a simple, inexpensive way to provide extra benefits to your lawn, landscape and garden areas. It provides a protective layer of material on top of the soil that offers many advantages for healthy root and plant growth. Mulch will benefit your lawn and plants with the added protection they need to thrive year-round.
  • Pesticides – Many over-the-counter pesticides and herbicides contain chemicals, so it’s best to leave these products to a landscape contractor who knows the pros and cons of each product. A company that provides professional lawn maintenance in NJ can choose the best pesticide products for your existing lawn and landscape.

5.  Skilled and Experienced Crews

Professional lawn maintenance in NJ includes skilled and experienced crews to take care of your lawn and landscape needs.

They show up equipped with the proper tools and equipment needed to get the job done right. If you weigh the cost of DIY lawn care to the cost of professional services, you have to factor in skill level, experience and the cost of necessary equipment to maintain your property.

If you have a large Bergen County property, the proper equipment required can cost you thousands of dollars.

Professional equipment typically includes high powered lawn mowers, leaf blowers, spreaders and hand tools, such as rakes, shovels, hoes, edgers, hedge clippers, pruners and hole diggers.

Hiring a professional lawn service will not only save you money on equipment, but skilled and experienced crews will do all the work.

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6. Lawn and Garden Renovations

Landscape companies that provide professional lawn maintenance in NJ can also provide lawn and garden renovations to repair damage or just give your home a new look.

Professional, experienced crews can replant your lawn with new sod or seed, plant new shrubs and trees and remove damaged or dead plants.

They can provide lawn renovations and garden designs based on your existing property conditions and select the right type of grass and plants that will thrive year-round.

7. Organic Lawn Care

Organic lawn care and tree/shrub care is a great way to provide a safe chemical-free environment for your home.

It promotes green living while protecting the environment from chemicals and toxic fumes. Organic lawn care promotes aeration and weed control with organic nutrient mixtures that improve soil quality.

Organic lawn care is a healthy way to promote strong root growth, plant stability and protection from lawn diseases and harmful insects. When plants, shrubs and trees maintain strong, healthy root systems, they grow faster and are less susceptible to diseases.

For best results, organic shrub and tree maintenance should include Spring, Summer and Fall applications.

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8. Weed Control

There’s a wide variety of weeds that are common to the Bergen County area.

Without proper weed control through professional lawn maintenance in NJ, aggressive weeds will take every opportunity to invade your lawn.

If your lawn is unhealthy or ill-maintained, you’re likely to see dandelions, thatch, crabgrass and foxtails popping up regularly in your lawn, especially during warm spring weather.

Once they invade, they can be difficult to get rid of without proper weed control solutions that get to the roots.

Crabgrass begins to germinate when soil temperatures reach 58 degrees Fahrenheit, and it can take over your entire lawn very quickly.

Your landscape contractor can apply a pre-emergent herbicide in early spring that will get rid of any existing weeds and prevent future weed growth in your lawn.

9. Insect and Pest Control

Although outdoor insects and pests are common in your landscape, they can cause damage to your lawn.

An Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program provides a way to prevent unwanted insects and pests in your yard with natural, organic controls. Ill-maintained and overgrown lawns can quickly become a breeding ground for all types of insects and pests.

Small, hard-to-see insects like mealybugs, aphids, caterpillars and beetles can invade your lawn, and underground pests like slugs, fire ants, grubs and wire worms can invade your soil.

Professional lawn maintenance in NJ can help to change the balance of pests in your yard by keeping plants, weeds and debris that attract harmful insects and pests out of your landscape.

It will also provide regular irrigation to prevent standing water around your home that attracts many biting insects like gnats, flies and mosquitoes.

Professional lawn care promotes proper fertilization to create healthy soil and plants that attract beneficial insects.

Pest-resistant varieties of plants, shrubs and trees and nectar-bearing plants can be added to your landscape to create a natural balance of plants and outdoor pests.

Lawn and landscape maintenance should include an organic, integrated pest management program (IPM) that provides regular inspections of your property to check for insects and diseases and apply appropriate treatments.

Site visits will include reports that let you know the condition of your plants, shrubs and trees and what treatments are needed.

10. Special Landscape Services

Many professional landscape companies provide great additional design/build services that can boost your home’s curb appeal and create an inviting outdoor atmosphere. Design/build services may include:

  • Driveways
  • Patios and terraces
  • Outdoor walkways
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Outdoor waterfalls and ponds
  • Outdoor spas and hot tubs
  • Swimming pools
  • Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits
  • Retaining walls
  • French drains
  • Landscape lighting

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