Retaining Walls For Your Bergen County Home

Many times you see things and don’t really appreciate them.

Retaining walls are all around and until you need one in your Bergen County yard, you probably never paid much attention to one.

However, if you find yourself in need of a retaining wall, you may feel lost or confused.

If you’re considering building a retaining wall, the most important thing is to talk to an experienced landscape design company.

Benefits of a Retaining Wall

Some uses of a retaining wall are:

  • Support the ground – Walls are needed to prevent the earth from slipping and sliding due to erosion. The retaining wall battles gravity. The lateral force of a slope is dispersed by the wall. Even if your New Jersey home is not threatened now it may be as some point in the future by being downhill from soil fault lines.

  • Provide usable land – There is not much that can be done on sloping ground. Man has used terraced land for thousands of years. Retaining walls serve the same purpose. It is much easier to landscape on level ground.

  • Manage water runoff – Of course water runs down a slope quickly. This causes erosion and makes the ground unstable. A retaining structure can be used to slow the water down and hinder it’s effects. The water can be used for irrigation purposes or even a water garden.

  • Aesthetic purposes – A retaining wall can be used on level ground to serve as a focal point. It can be used for extra seating. If you need a retaining wall for any type of support spruce it up with plants and such to make the area visually appealing.

Do I Need A Retaining Wall?

If you have any of the issues listed above you will need to build a retaining wall. Let’s look at a few reasons why you would need a wall.

  • Erosion – If you live on a sloping lot with tons of erosion material clogging up certain area of your yard you might need a retaining wall. The wall will decrease the soil angle and hold back soil.

  • Fault lines – These fault lines mentioned above could become an issue for your home as time passes. A retaining wall can provide extra stability and peace of mind.

  • Foundation issues – If your NJ home’s foundation is threatened by a sliding hill a retaining wall my be need to protect it. You may also need a retaining wall if sliding soil is compacting an uphill slope.

Retaining Wall Considerations

Building a retaining wall is a serious undertaking. Your Bergen County home and lot may be at risk if it is not done right. It is best to hire a competent and licensed landscape company to build the wall for you.

Here are a few things you should consider when building a retaining wall:

  • Use the proper materials for your particular situation.

  • The type of wall you construct will be determined by your need.

  • Water should drain down and away from the wall.

  • The wall should be built on a good foundation.

  • Retaining walls should slope a little from vertical. This is called “cant” or “batter”.

  • A retaining wall may need anchors to keep the wall from sliding or twisting.

Of course, your landscape company will guide you with your retaining wall. They are knowledgeable and prepared to handle any situation your yard may present to them.

Many homes in Bergen County and Passaic County in northern New Jersey have slopes. If your home is on such a lot and you have issues with your soil call on a competent landscape firm to handle the problem.