The Best Retaining Wall Contractors in Bergen County, NJ

retaining wall contractors Bergen County NJTo many, a retaining wall looks like a bunch of stone, blocks or timbers stacked up in a pile. However, that is not the case.

These walls are actually carefully engineered structures that battle gravity on an ongoing basis. It constrains tons of soil that would otherwise damage your entire landscape. As such, hiring reputable retaining wall contractors in Bergen County, NJ is a must.


Need a Retaining Wall?

Retaining wall contractors know there are many reasons you may need a retaining structure. A few are listed below.

  • Controls downhill erosion – If mountains of soil are building up around your property they may clog up important areas and impede drainage. A retaining wall decreases the yard’s slope and minimizes erosion.
  • Fault lines in area – If there are fault lines in your area and you are downhill from them, a wall might help control sliding. Even if  you do not have any issues at the present time, a retaining all can provide stability and give you some peace of mind.
  • Foundations are threatened – Your home could be in danger of moving soil. Soil may be washing away from the structures or it could be building up near them. A retaining wall is an excellent way to keep sliding soil at bay.

Other Benefits of a Retaining Wall

Of course, the main benefit of a retaining wall is to keep gravity in check. While doing so these walls can provide other benefits as well, including:

  • Gain usable land – Steep slopes will make some areas of your yard unusable. For thousands of years man has used terraces to grab more useful land. Think of the ancient Peruvians or the rice paddies of Southeast Asia that are used for agricultural purposes. A retaining wall in your yard can be used for the same reason, albeit on a much smaller scale. Landscaping is easier on level portions of your homestead.
  • Control water runoff – Steep slopes allow water to run off quickly carrying precious soil with it. On uneven slopes water will flow in a turbulent manner that will also impact your soil in a negative way. Small ditches and crevasses will form, making your landscape look sloppy.
  • Provide seating – Your wall will allow you to sit and enjoy your yard. This is an extra and often unanticipated benefit of a retaining wall.
  • Aesthetics – With the proper design and construction, a retaining wall is visually appealing and will enhance the look of your entire landscape. Your wall can serve a great function and look good while doing so.

Importance of Good Retaining Wall Contractors

When you need a retaining wall, it is imperative you search for the best retaining wall contractors. In northern New Jersey, specifically in Bergen and Passaic Counties, your best choice is Borst Landscape & Design.

Borst is an award-winning design and build contractor that will carefully take your project from design to completion. Our team features many long-term employees and three Field Managers who are all Certified Landscape Technicians. In full-time operation since 1993, Borst has earned the reputation of being the best landscape firm in northern NJ.