Custom Retaining Wall Design Combines Form With Function

retaining wall designA unique retaining wall design for your property creates a wealth of beautiful possibilities

Hardscape elements in your property’s landscaping can make a world of difference to the look, feel, and function of your outdoor spaces. A custom retaining wall design brings aesthetic appeal and numerous possibilities for creating wonderful new spaces in your landscape. From terraced gardens to sunken patios, the transformative power of retaining wall design may surprise you.

Borst Landscape & Design brings expertise to your landscaping from retaining wall design that’s uniquely suited to your property to custom plantings that create a personal oasis in your yard. Contact award-winning Borst Landscape & Design today to discuss what can be achieved with retaining wall design for your unique NJ property.

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Why choose retaining wall design?

Retaining walls stabilize sloping ground on your property and prevent it from eroding or crumbling over time. Carefully engineered to serve their important purpose, retaining walls redistribute the pressure and forces of sloping ground and hold soil behind their strong structure. It’s critical that your wall is designed and installed correctly so that it can endure for years to come. 

A retaining wall performs an important function, but it can also be a beautiful part of your custom landscape design. Working with professionals on your retaining wall design will lead you to consider an array of decorative or ornamental materials for your wall. An important piece of hardscape design on your property, your new retaining wall can be elegant or rustic to suit the architectural features and style of your home. 

Examples of popular materials used in retaining wall design today include:

  • Stacked Fieldstone and Bluestone
  • Interlocking Block
  • Block with stone veneer
  • Boulders
  • Treated Timber

The materials you select for your retaining wall design will make a difference in its durability and function over the long term. Material selection also impacts the aesthetic of your space and how all your landscape elements come together for your enjoyment. Even the most simple functional wall can be taken to the next level of beauty by adding living elements, from climbing vines to draping plants. 

Working with the right team of landscape professionals means that you can be confident that your retaining wall design meets your needs and vision and that it will serve its purpose in your landscape for years to come. 

Form and Function

Some retaining walls require strength and careful engineering to hold back the pressure of sloping ground. Some are primarily decorative and serve to define an area of landscaping like a sunken patio or firepit. No matter what the function of your retaining wall design, you want it to look gorgeous in your landscape and compliment the overall look of your space. 

Your wall can create areas of interest in your landscaping. Soft curves, crisp defined lines, terraced gardens, sweeping staircases to connect levels, let your imagination and the potential your landscape holds for your enjoyment be your guides. 

Borst Landscape & Design is one of the premier landscape design companies in NJ. We’re eager to help property owners imagine their dream landscape, and we have the expertise to make it come true.

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