Retaining Walls in Bergen County, NJ: Design & Installation

retaining walls Bergen County NJHigh-quality retaining walls are built for a variety of reasons, from practical applications like holding back sloping soil to adding that extra aesthetic and stylish element to your garden and increase privacy.

At Borst Landscape & Design, we specialize in attractive retaining wall concepts and designs for your Bergen County, NJ home.

Borst Landscape & Design can design walls of any height or two retaining walls of smaller heights to save you money in permits and engineering concepts.

Are you seeking a complex tiered system of walls for your business or an accent wall for your home garden?

Which Type of Retaining Wall Do I Need?

We offer a wide variety of styles to ensure that you can find a design that highlights your property and needs, such as:

  • Stacked stone walls
  • Poured concrete walls
  • Interlocking block walls
  • Natural stone veneer walls
  • Seat walls for garden or patio

Borst Landscape & Design can build retaining walls for both residential and commercial applications. We utilize a variety of materials to create eye-catching retaining walls that add dimension, depth and interest to your property.

We can install full, structural retaining walls to handle any issues with water, drainage, keeping soil erosion at bay, help balance a sloped yard, increase your space and privacy and enhance the overall look of outdoor spaces.

Borst Landscape & Design in Bergen County, NJ offers retaining wall design and installation services throughout northern New Jersey. We utilize the highest quality materials to ensure an attractive and functional finished retaining wall. You can choose from a variety of stones and cut rock, concrete blocks and more for your specific retaining wall needs.

Retaining Block Walls Benefits

Many businesses use retaining block walls to save money and maintenance fees. Whether it’s for home or commercial business reasons, you want a practical retaining wall that doesn’t shift or need to be rebuilt.

There are a wide variety of wall blocks to choose from and two primary reasons why you might want to choose a block wall over a rock or cut stone retaining wall:

Block walls can create that formal look to complement the rest of your patio or concrete landscape structures.

Structural integrity is key if you need a retaining wall to hold back soil for example. Rock walls can shift or fail, but a skillfully built segmental retaining wall will not only look nice, it will do its job without failing.

Any retaining wall that is built fast and cheap will not hold up. A functional and beautiful retaining wall will be constructed well with the best materials and planning.

Borst Landscape & Design will match your specific needs for any type of retaining wall you need for your home or business in northern NJ. Our highly skilled staff of qualified landscape designers will assist you to carefully plan your retaining wall project – and any other landscaping need – from concept to completion.

After an initial on-site meeting and a comprehensive site analysis, we will discuss with you your needs, and offer you a fully developed retaining wall design blueprint that will fulfill all of your expectations.

We will carefully perform any necessary site preparation, including addressing any grading or drainage issues that need attention.

We will then install the hardscape elements of the retaining wall. Our retaining wall and landscape designers are highly skilled at designing retaining wall structures to provide a seamless blend with the rest of your outdoor area.