The Best Time to Reseed Lawn Is Now!

best time to reseed lawn

Borst Recommends October for the Best Time to Reseed Lawn


As New Jersey starts to show the first hints of autumn, you may not be thinking about next spring. But the best time to reseed lawn for a vibrant return to green is now! 


A healthy established lawn is able to out-compete many weeds and withstand disease, insects, and drought. You can help the health of your lawn by properly timing reseeding. We are past the worst heat of summer and there’s still time before the first frosts of winter. That makes now the most ideal time to establish healthy, strong new grass plants. 


Borst recommends aeration and seeding in the fall, for every lawn. How will we do it? Through core aeration, we’ll remove 3-inch plugs from the soil. Then, we’ll drop seed into the holes, where they’ll quickly germinate in the perfect weather conditions that autumn brings. After a period of dormancy, vibrant, green grass will sprout.


Aerating and seeding your lawn is a highly recommended lawn care service that we’re only offering now through October. Reach out to us at (201) 785-9400 or contact us online


Want to know more about reseeding your lawn in the fall? Read on!

Happy grass is all in the timing


The best time to reseed your lawn is now. Here’s why:


The cooler, rainier days of fall make it the ideal time to germinate grass. Plus, new species of seed come on the market all the time. Fall seeding can be a great opportunity to integrate new grasses into the mix, to make your lawn hardier. And reseeding really is good care for every lawn, not just troubled ones.


Even an undamaged lawn may have trouble spots, and as grass plants get older they can lose thickness. With regular mowing, grass doesn’t generally get to reseed itself, as it would naturally this time of year.


You may have heard of different methods for fall lawn seeding. We will break down the most popular below.

Overseeding and dormant seeding


Overseeding – the process of spreading grass seed on top of established turf. Think of overseeding as a great way to replenish and revitalize a tired lawn. Overseeding fills in thin spots, which prevents weeds from sprouting.


But if you miss the ideal window to establish grass seeds before it’s too cold, you still have an option.


Dormant seeding – grass seed is planted after it’s too cold to germinate. Instead, grass will go dormant and hibernate through the frozen months. It will grow in as temperatures warm, along with your established turf. 


Giving your grass a drink of snow melt is better than waiting until spring to reseed your lawn. Hot, dry temperatures can come before you know it and make it challenging to grow new grass.


There’s a lot to consider when reseeding your grass. Knowledge of the light and weather conditions that work best with particular species of grass seed is important. Soil preparation, debris clearing, ensuring seeding at the right depth for successful germination, proper mulching and watering are also critical to the survival of your grass. 


You want a thick, beautiful lawn next spring. Leave it to the experts and you can rest easy all winter, knowing that your lawn will be beautiful when you’re ready to enjoy it again.


Now is the best time to reseed lawn with Borst! Contact us today! Call (201) 785-9400