Why Use Organic Lawn Care Services

A vibrant green lawn shows you love making a good first impression and appreciate the natural world. At Borst Landscape & Design, we offer an organic and sustainable approach to lawn care that consistently delivers a beautiful landscape. However, organic lawn care does much more than simply provide a healthier and greener lawn. Organic lawn care turns chemicals away and incorporates a biological approach toward a healthy lawn, resulting in a nicer and more healthful way to live. Borst Landscape & Design, based in Bergen County, NJ, has long been an advocate for organic, sustainable approaches to lawn, tree, and shrub care, offering the most environmentally sensitive treatment options available to keep your landscape and your family healthy.

Benefits of Organic Lawn Care

boy and dog on grassHealthier Lifestyle

An organic approach steers clear of common hazards, choosing instead to return optimum health to the roots and soil as naturally as possible. At Borst Landscape and Design, our lawn care approach is safe for your entire family, avoiding the use of chemicals that can potentially cause health issues, particularly in children. Borst uses only natural ingredients in our lawn treatments, which have no adverse health effects.

Enriched Soil and Grass

Achieving healthy soil should be your first goal in organic lawn care. Organic lawn care services such as natural aeration, root stimulation, natural thatch control, and the use of secondary micronutrients improve the condition of your soil. Healthier and stronger roots are more resistant to disease, weeds, and stress. Healthy soil is alive with biological organisms that support new growth. Having your soil tested will determine nutrient levels, as well as the presence and amount of chemicals. A qualified northern New Jersey lawn care company that understands climate and soil conditioning needs, will help you determine the appropriate grass, trees, and shrubs to plant in your climate zone.

Environmental Benefits

Eliminating the use of synthetic chemicals on your lawn lowers overall costs, while providing significant environmental benefits. By reducing chemical usage, homeowners all over Bergen County, NJ positively impact the natural environment. Chemical use should be a last resort, and only applied to the areas that really need it. Synthetic chemicals used in lawn care can be washed away, polluting stormwater systems or groundwater used in wells. Synthetic pesticides also kill off many beneficial insects such as ladybugs, which typically prey on pests that can damage your lawn and your plants. Using organic pesticides can eliminate these pests and keep your drinking water unpolluted. With the pests under control, your lawn will be greener and healthier than ever. You can then begin to integrate shrubs and other plants native to Bergen County, NJ.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Although organic fertilizer can initially cost more than synthetic fertilizer, the long-term benefits far outweigh the up front costs. Organic lawn care methods promote natural, healthy soil and root development, which reduces the need for herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides. Healthy plants can effectively fight off pests and diseases on their own. Don’t be alarmed if you notice more weeds in your lawn initially, as it will need time to adjust. Vigorous growth of your grass and other plants will eventually limit weeds, requiring less fertilizers and maintenance. Before you know it, you’ll have a healthy, nearly maintenance-free lawn, and more savings in the bank.

Borst Landscape Organic Lawn Care in Bergen County, NJ

Organic methods take the whole health of your lawn and garden into consideration. Your yard is one of the most important assets of your home. It’s critical to hire a professional organic lawn care company that offers the following programs:

Borst’s Organic Lawn Care Program, sustainable and environmentally friendly, employs customized blends of organic nutrients and soil conditioners to promote optimum plant vigor, improve disease resistance, increase stress tolerance, and maintain healthy growing conditions. Committed to delivering outstanding organic lawn care in northern NJ, Borst Landscape and Design is the leader in natural and organic landscaping services. While our organic lawn care services are a departure from the common industry practice of applying a series of as many as five “blanket” chemical treatments, rest assured that methods from an organic lawn care company work. Contact us today at (201) 785-9400 or via our website to find out more about our organic lawn care. Organic treatments are truly the best way to keep your Bergen County, NJ lawn, family, and environment healthy. Here at Borst Landscape, we’re committed to being the best…naturally.®