Outdoor Walkway Design & Build in Bergen County, NJ

When people plan the landscaping of their Bergen County yard, they often overlook the importance of outdoor walkways. But by neglecting the aesthetics of a nice path, the experience of exploring the plants and landscaping, as well as the connections from one space to another, can be lost.

Walkways can add to the atmosphere of whatever you are creating in your landscaping. They can add to the formal or informal feeling of the yard, which also can include the flow of foot traffic through specific areas.

Rock, Brick or Gravel Walkways

When choosing materials for your front or back yard walkway in northern NJ, it helps to think about your home’s architecture as well as your garden and landscaping. There are many choices out there for walkways and it’s a good idea to consider whether you’re looking for a more formal approach with straight lines and angle or a more informal path with a curved, meandering style.

Safety is another important factor when considering the type of material you may want to use for your Bergen County walkway. If the landscaping and architecture of your home is more formal and you have children who will be running around, then brick or connected stone might provide that nice, colorful and durable walkway. Materials can include:

  • Slate, flagstone, brownstone or limestone either in grass or in gravel for a more informal stepping stone aesthetic and feel.
  • Crushed stone to add brightness to a walkway with its variety of white, blue, pink, gray and other colors.
  • Certain ground covers with the walkway are also popular, such as specific mosses or fragrant herbs such as thyme.

Walkways can also provide a nice pathway to a destination area such as a bench, a garden gazebo or a pool. At night, special lighting such as lanterns, recessed lighting and even solar lighting along the edges of walkways provide a nice, warm appeal.

A landscape contractor in Bergen County can help you determine the ideal placement for your front area and back yard walkways, creating a natural flow to different spaces. A professional landscape artist will also help you install your walkway correctly to ensure that it will not only look nice, but also last a long time and stay safe for people using the walkway – children and adults alike. Walkways that use materials which aren’t installed correctly, such as slate or stone, can begin to crack and loosen, causing both rot and safety issues.

You don’t want to ignore the importance of walkways in the overall landscape of your home. Borst Landscape & Design will answer any questions you may have and provide you with all the planning, materials and construction you need to begin your walkway today.

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