3 Cozy Winter Patio Ideas to Keep the Cold at Bay

winter patio ideas

Get more from your outdoor spaces with these winter patio ideas


You love long evenings outdoors in summer and fall but pack up your outdoor spaces as the temperature drops. But did you know there’s no need to look longingly out the window as winter takes over? Just because it’s cold does not mean you have to hide away your charming decks and patios and pack up the furniture. Instead, read on to get some winter patio ideas that will have you back outdoors and enjoying it. 


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Keep reading for 3 charming ways to get cozy outside through winter.


1. Cozy Up to the Fire


Let’s start with the perks of an outdoor fire. There’s nothing quite like snuggling up to the fire to make those long winter nights more pleasant. You can get more from your outdoor spaces with the addition of an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Invite some friends to gather around your fire pit for lively conversation, keep it romantic with throw blankets and wine for two, or toast some marshmallows with the kids.


A fire pit offers a welcoming place to gather around, where everyone can get close to the warmth while seeing one another across the flames. The smoke is free to drift, and so are the conversations you will share. You can even cook over your fire pit if you want to.


An outdoor fireplace creates a different kind of ambiance. It has a chimney that directs smoke up and away, so arrange seating directly in front of it to enjoy the fire. Your fireplace can burn wood, or you can install a gas-burning fireplace for your winter patio. A fireplace with a grate will enable you to cook over the open flame, bringing your outdoor entertaining to the next level.

2. Enclose your space


Enclosing the space is a great way to keep the winter winds from biting while you are enjoying your winter patio. Constructing accent walls or pergolas, or installing stylish drapes in warm seasonal colors are some examples. 


These features won’t just cut the winter winds. Your patio will stand out as a more distinct feature of your landscaping. And speaking of standing out, it’s time to talk about lighting.


3. Let there be light


From the sweetest string of twinkle lights to the statement of embedded lighting in the floor, rails, and walls, lighting is key to transforming your winter patio into an inviting space into the dark winter nights. You can even dress up your planters with lights.


Installing lighting can highlight a favorite feature, add a feeling of festivity, and increase the safety of your outdoor spaces. And that’s just the beginning. 


Bring your winter patio ideas to the best


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